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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Game 11 at Spokane

I only have the radio broadcast going tonight so not as many updates as I would normal provide.

-I'm slightly surprised, but Jacob DeSerres starts in net for the Tbirds tonight and will be opposed by Dustin Tokarski for Spokane.

Not a whole lot to analyze after this game tonight. The winner in the "most obvious comment ever" category is: you have to score to win the game. Jacob DeSerres played well for the most part, although I have to be slightly critical of coach Rob Sumner for not starting Riku Helenius. I really thought we would see Helenius in back to back games with DeSerres getting the home game Sunday. With tonight's game being not only a U.S. Division opponent but also a road game I would think that your #1 goaltender would get the start. It's not that I have a lack of confidence in DeSerres, but lets be honest, Helenius is your #1 so why not play him on the road against a division opponent. DeSerres allowed a soft goal to open the scoring at 5:00 of the first period when the puck was thrown into the crease. Jacob thought he had the puck covered up and did not, allowing Langkow to come in and poke the puck into the net.

Jared Cowen converted a PP goal for Spokane at the 11:35 mark of the 2nd period and the Tbirds really only threatened a few times the rest of the game. Seattle finished 0/7 on the PP and it beginning to be of some concern as they rank close to the bottom in the WHL on a % basis. In hockey you cannot get caught up too much about the details on a game to game basis. You must focus on the bigger picture. The bottom line is that Spokane is a quality opponent and you were playing them in their building, you aren't expected to win and Seattle didn't. Defeat Brandon tomorrow at home and you come away with 4 out of 6 points in a 3 game weekend and I would call that a success.

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