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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Wednesday Morning Update

Hasn't been a whole lot to blog about the last couple of days... but it feels weird to have not posted anything since the game recap last Saturday. Here are a few notes from around the league.

-Former T-Bird Chris Durand will remain with Saskatoon as one of their 20 year old players. I'm not sure Durand was ever in any real danger of not making the cut, but the Blades have released Curtis Patterson and Michael Kaye trimming their O/A total from 5 to the required 3. The Blades will go with the recently traded Ondrej Fiala, John Flatters and Durand.

Gregg Drinnan has an excellent breakdown of the 20 year old situation for each team the the deadline looming tomorrow.

I will be in Des Moines, Iowa this weekend for a business conference where I am also going to attend an Iowa Stars game on Friday night. I've heard that Aaron Gagnon was to start skating again this week... here's hoping he is recovered enough from that ankle injury to log some ice time on Friday.

As such... I won't have any real live coverage of the two home games this weekend. I will still follow the action as closely as I can and have some thoughts on Sunday or Monday.

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