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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Game 3 at Kelowna

My good buddy Sean Runnels and I have been experiencing some major technically difficulties trying to dial up the internet broadcast so I apologize for the lack of updates.

Tbirds lead 3-1 after two periods as Greg Scott, Thomas Hickey and Ian McKenzie have scored for the Birds.

I'll be back with more later as I just got the internet back working.

With roughly 10 minutes to play the Tbirds has lost momentum but still hold a 3-1 lead. Most of the action has been in the Tbirds end for a good portion of the last 8 minutes but Kelowna has not been able to generate very many really good scoring chances.

Lindsey Nielsen scores a nifty empty net goal to ice the game for the Tbirds. He banged the puck around a forward and then beat a D man to the outside for the easy tuck into the back of the net.

I had so many internet issues tonight that I can't really describe a lot of the action for myself but this is exactly the type of game the Tbirds like to win. Score a couple of early goals, get the lead, get solid D and goaltending and win a relatively low scoring game.

Riku Helenius again was solid between the pipes... I'm so impressed with his calm nature in net. He never looks rattled, never looks panicked but at the same time doesn't look slow or lazy. Hes quick without needing to seem like in a rush to make a save.

Jim O'Brien is going to be a nice addition to this time. OB ended the night with 2 assists and from the parts of the game that I saw looked very comfortable on that 1st line with Holloway and Eberle (EE-ber-lee according to the Kelowna announcer).

Overall the Tbirds end 1/5 on the PP and kill 6/7 PP's for Kelowna. Lindsey Nielsen's empty net goal game on the 4-6 so they will get credit for another shorthanded goal. Special teams are going to be critical all year and I thought both units looked pretty good again tonight. I believe that is the 3rd shorthanded goal of the year so far for the Tbirds.

Saturday night the Tbirds are back in action against Kelowna at home. I'll have a recap probably late on Saturday night.

Tbirds now 2-0-1 on the season with 5 points of 6 possible.

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