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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Bruins 6 Thunderbirds 2

The good news is that this one only counts as one game on the schedule because the Tbirds got beat tonight and they got beat badly.

I agreed with TB on the radio that I cannot remember a Rob Sumner team getting dominated that badly over the course of the game. Sure the score was nearly even in the 2nd and 3rd periods but the shots on goal were an indication of how bad this game was.

Helenius was not horrible but wasn't as good as we have seen from him up to this point. Jacob DeSerres actually played pretty well stopping 30 of 33 shots (in only roughly 45 minutes!) and I don't think the game was even as close as the score indicated.

There were a couple of bright spots... Jeremy Boyer takes over the team lead in scoring (who had that bet at the start of the year??) and Bud Holloway gets his second of the year. The goal by Boyer was a Power Play goal, meaning that Seattle had now tallied a PP goal in each of their first 7 games. They finished a paltry 1/11 on the PP, but I will choose again to focus on the positive of that number (they scored and generated 11 chances).

The tough part was the PK unit, which came into the game ranked #1 in the WHL and will longer be such tomorrow. Chilliwack scores 3 times on only 8 chances with Oscar Moller getting 2 of those 3.

Let's check my keys to the game before the night started and see how they did...

-They have more PP chances than the Bruins - Yes, 11-8
-They convert on at least 1 of those chances - Yes, 1
-They do not allow more than one PP goal - NO, allowed 3!
-They do not allow more than 30 shots on goal - NO, umm no 50 shots against doesn't count.

Tbirds only do two of the four things needed to win. I would also give them an "F" on trying to get the other two things done.

Tbirds drop to 4-1-2 on the season and .714 Point Percentage while the Bruins move to 8-3 and a .727 point percentage.

1 comment :

Jon said...

Just got back home from the game.
Quite simply, dominated.
Dominated in every aspect of the game. Out worked, out hustled, out battled, out any other word you put in there.

The only two players that really showed up for this game were Holloway and Silvester.

You can choose to focus on the positive of the powerplay, the one goal. But let me tell you, it doesn’t deserve it. They couldn't get setup, and when they did, they were so afraid to shoot the puck, more less on net,

Both goals were scored by guys going to the net. Esposito was very strong, and the same can be said for Seattle goalies. You could say Seattle was close, with a couple of the shots that were bug saves going in. But, the Bruins had just as many. Cant really fault Seattle’s goalie. With no one playing around them, kind of hard. I think Riku wanted out after the third goal.

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