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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Early look at the Roster

Ok... so I know this is going to be very early and very premature but what else do we have to talk about here on August 6th, John Becanic?

Let's take an early look at what the roster might look like going into training camp.

Keep in mind also that I think Sumner tries to set lines but also juggles quite a bit depending on who is hurt and who is playing well and not playing well. So these are just rough estimates of what it might look like should everyone be healthy.


Line 1 - Prab Rai - Lindsey Nielsen - Jon Parker

I would think this would be the logical first line. Nielsen is a great two way player, leader and pivot and can anchor this line allowing Rai to utilize his speed and combination of passing and scoring to be a top point guy (assuming he is back) and Parker has the ability to finish around the net as well and could be looking at a 25 goal season.

Line 2 - Luke Lockhart - Colin Jacobs - Jeremy Boyer

Again, these are just best guesses. I like this combination with Jacobs being a dynamic force in the middle with Lockhart providing some hustle and grind and Boyer adding some scoring touch to the line. I think this is going to be a big proving year for Boyer... He came on strong in the second half of the year to score 21 goals to go with 35 assists and playing with a dynamic player like Jacobs can only help and might push him over 25 goals as well.

Line 3 - Charles Wells - Brenden Silvester - Sena Acolatse

I don't really love this combo but I think Wells and Silvester can flash some speed on this line with Acolatse providing some muscle and toughness to protect his smaller line-mates. Another year removed from knee surgery should be good for Wells who will hopefully trust his body and start flashing more of the speed we saw in his 16 year old season. I could easiler see Wells or Silvester sliding into the Lockhart spot on line 2 as well. This is also a big year for Acolatse who has seen the transition from defense to winger at times look good and at times looked bad. From all accounts, Sena is in good shape and ready for the season and I think a trimmer Sena can actually become a better checker and really do some damage on the Power Play.

EDIT - I totally forgot about the Russian, Senturin. I literally can't find anything on this kid so you're guess is as good as mine when it comes to where he will fit in.

Line 4 - ? Ummm Chance Lund - Connor Sanvido?

Lund can really be a wild-card here this season... everyone knows he has big time size and potential and at times during training camp last year looked like a man among boys. Problem is, that confidence did not translate to the season. Here's hoping he finds that confidence in the lineup and starts to flash some of that potential here in his 17 year old season. Sanvido should probably be here as well and where he fits will no doubt depend on how far he has improved since training camp last year.

Any number of other players will be in the hunt for a 4th line spot and a roster spot. Tanner Muth, Tyler Alos, Joey Baker, Gus Correale, Jacob Doty, Mitch Elliot, Justin LeChance, Robbie Newton, Jordan Salahor, Tyler Sybil or Zach Walker are all kids, most of which I expect to be in camp fighting for the last couple of spots.

Defense to follow....


t said...

I notice David Richard is missing from this lineup. Do you think he is the likely 20 year old without a job?

I think many people will agree that Hickey and O'brien are long gone, so that leaves four others. Nielsen, Prab, Richie, and Schapps.

I can understand keeping a 20 year old at D, but I think sometimes you have to go with your three best players. If Rai does indeed come back, I believe it will be Schapps who leaves. He is solid on D, but I don't know if we can expect much more out of him than we have already seen. Plus he is often injured (i know...same argument can be made for the other 3).

I like Scahpps, and trust him on defense, but I don't see the point in keeping a 20 year old to be a #2-3 defenseman.

I could also see a trade made including one of the forwards and scahpps for a single 20yr old d-man...we definitely will need some help back there this season.

Thunnex said...

I will have some information on that in the next few days.

t said...

sweet! insider/ off the record type stuff i hope!!

Anonymous said...

Schapps would not be the #2-3 defenseman. He'd be #1 or #2 (along with Warg). Not sure what that says about our "D" but Dillon, Chaffin, Berg and Fleming haven't done enough to get more ice time then Schapps. Maybe they keep Sena on D.

stbird said...

Alright finally this blog is starting to see some action.

I know he is probably not worth much, but we need to get trade Deserres. There is no reason to have a 19 year old backup. Or two 19 year old backups for that matter, with Jahraus.

Also do you think that Sena will for sure be a forward this year. I hope they keep him up there but I also think there is a good chance that he goes back to D. Just a thought.

God I can't wait for the season to start.

Mr Tell13 said...

I don't think Richard is coming back for some reason, Its too bad too but with the between him, Rai, Schap and Neilsen, he is the one that is the most replaceable (or expendable I guess)

and you never know ....if somehow obrien would come back ...schap would not. it would be sad cuz unless dillon pick up and Warg drastically imrpove on D its going to be a long season defense.

As far as the Deserres situation i am now thinking that unless a awsome offer come along .....he will be in seattle until the deadline, If it was me in the GM position and I have a choice between a goalie how had a bad season stat-wise last season but was top of the leaugue the year before and a 19 y/0 with a single game experience ....I would go with my first option.

Trevor's Dad said...

My kid did the TBird hockey camp a couple weeks ago. I asked Rob Sumner then if Sena was going to play wing or defense this year and he said wing.

Anonymous said...

With that young, mostly inexperienced defense, you may need to keep DeSerres. YOu don't want Pickard facing 40 shots a night over the course of 60+ games. I'd only trade him for a 19 yr old high quality d-man. Any of those around that other teams can afford to trade for a goalie?

t said...

how would you all rank the defense? Anon had schapps at 1/2, just curious what the rest of you think? Assuming Sena stays up front...


Toss up/Tie between Fleming & Chaffin

Didn't see enough of Berg, and dont even know if he is back in the fold at all...guess we'll have to wait and see.

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