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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Fleming to Swift Current

Seattle has traded Erik Fleming to Swift Current for future considerations in the 2012 Bantam Draft.

The considerations will clearly depend on whether Fleming A) Reports to Swift. B) Sticks with the team. C) How much he plays.

Hopefully Fleming can catch on with Swift and keep his career going.


Anonymous said...

Okay, so Fleming was taken off the team's roster on their website yesterday but today, after he gets traded, his name is put back on the roster? I don't get it.

Anonymous said...

Future considerations? This current organization will screw it up. Two or three years from now we will have decent team? Funny. This oranization is not about putting a quality major junior team on ice but to make money...nothing wrong with that except for the fans. Pickard starting all games last year except a few? Oh my...I won't start with the other players that have no chance in moving up and will take the scholarship. We thought last year the coach was to be blamed, rightfully, but it goes all the way to the top. One year after the change I can excuse...however, they have not made any moves to make it known that next year will be better. It's time that the owners stop being part of the team, besides being owners, and let experts run the team. It may be a hobby to them but for the fans, paying $24.00 per ticket, it is no hobby...we want winners. This team doesn't qualify as hustle, no defense, no offense, nothing. It's early, light a fire under these kids butts, but it looks like we will be stuck with limited wins at home again and no playoff appearance.'s early...a fire must be lit...motivate, motivate, motivate. We, the fans need to see some wins, if not that, close games.

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