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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Brad Deagle is in, Taylor Green and Stefan Burzan are out.

Honestly... I don't really get it.  I understand that Green needs to play.  He needs to play and get ice time and it probably doesn't matter where it comes from. But, the team had to go out and trade for a couple of healthy bodies just to field a roster this weekend and suddenly we are sending two of our healthy bodies away.

Green heads back to Port Coquitlam where I have to assume for now that he will play for the Vancouver NE Chiefs again... but I'm not sure.

Burzan's rights were traded from the Fernie Ghostriders to the Kimberly Dynamiters over the summer... so for now I will assume that he will probably be playing for Kimberly.

Brad Deagle, on the other hand, is in.  Deagle, 19, was acquired from Red Deer in exchange for a conditional 7th round bantam choice.  He mesures 6'0" and 188 and played in 55 games for the Rebels last season notching 12 assists and a +12 rating. He also has 3 fights last year.


Anonymous said...

Tyler, could it be that Hauf is now healthy and ready to go? If so I can't see carrying 3 16 yr old d-men because all have to play a minimum of 40 games. So Green is the odd man out.

Thunnex said...

Perfectly reasonably explanation... except the team went out and added Mitch Guiel to the forwards after Green scored playing forward in Game 1.

I suppose they must like Guiel more? And as a 17 he can be a healthy scratch if/when all of our forwards get healthy.

Anonymous said...

Troock and Hauf were both represented as being able to play at the booster club welcome event this week. Wardley and Fleming were clearly at least a week or two or maybe longer from playing.

Jon said...

all those moves put 15 roster players in the 18/19 age range with 9 at 19. going to be a lot of new faces next year.

Anonymous said...

Tyler, Guiel takes Burzan's spot, so they swapped a 17 for a 17 and you never know with Troock and of course Jacobs is still out, so they need that forward. I don't thik they want Green playing as a forward...they want him as a d-man. So I can see why they kept Guiel. Plus as you mention they don't need to get him in to 40 games because he is 17.

Rhino said...

Someone will have to explain this one to me. Green is among the team leaders in both points and +/- with extremely limited ice time. He didn't look out of place at either forward or D, and yet we move him out to accommodate another 19 year old???

More confusing to me is that we are doing this just so we can get a shot at 8th place and get blown out by Portland in the first round?

Whatever happened to realizing where you are in terms of team development? Russ should be using this time to develop our young players like other successful franchises do so we are in a position to make a legitimate play-off run in the future.

I get Green needs to play but why not here? Through two games the vets have been abysmal and Green looked like he belonged. I have supported this team for several years but moves like this really make me question my loyalty.

Anonymous said...

I went to the game last night great effort in the 1st, but we were out played and hustled in the 2nd and 3rd periods. Burke Gallimore looks like he wants to get traded, just going through the motions out there, our vets need to step it up and show leadership!

Anonymous said...

I somewhat agree with the above comment.. Burke Gallimore has looked awkward nearly every time he has touched the puck during our first 2 home games. Whether or not it means that he is 'going through the motions' I'm not sure, but certainly a rough start for him, same with Lockhart. The poor showing by the vets is a big factor in the 0-3 start.

Anonymous said...

well Troock and Hauf both played, so that's a huge plus

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