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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Game 5 Recap

I have to be up at 4am tomorrow morning so I'm going to make this short and sweet.

  • Big win by the Tbirds tonight.  Vancouver has looked like a pretty good team early in the season and they went into their barn and dominated the game for the better part of 50 minutes of the game.  For about 10 minutes of the 3rd period, Seattle lost their way a little bit but they were able to survive and Kyle Verdino buries a long rebound off a Justin Hickman shot to give the Birds the 3-2 win.
  • Great game by Justin Hickman tonight.  Hickman won the battle over two Giant players that led to the puck squirting out to the front of the net where Lund tapped it in for the 2nd goal of the game.  He didn't technically get the assist, but he caused it.  He did get the assist on the GWG as he worked a pass from Verdino into a hard and low shot that kicked out to the right of Morrison where Verdino took care of the rest.  Excellent game from Hickman.
  • Also an excellent game from Braeden Laroque and Brad Deagle.  The newest Tbirds were instrumental in Seattle giving up only 20 shots and Laroque added a PP goal in the 1st period that tied the score.
  • Overall it was a great effort by the Seattle defense. I can't remember the last time the Tbirds dominated the shots on goal in the way that they did (37-20).
  • Chance Lund with another solid game.  He had a great game last week and didn't get a point and was rewarded by the hockey gods with a tap-in.
  • Connor Sanvido had a couple of really excellent shifts that gave the Giants fits, especially on the PP and earned the assist on the 1st goal by Laroque.
  • Shea Theodore has been kind of quiet to begin the season but added two assists tonight and the Vancouver radio guys were glowing about him.
  • Seattle holds Brendan Gallagher to just 1 point on the night... that is how you beat the Giants in Vancity.
  • Kind of a quiet game from Branden Troock but the toe-drag in the 3rd period was absolutely sick and almost wound up being the go-ahead goal.
  • I honestly didn't think Verdino was having a very great game as he had drawn two penalties earlier in the action but his GWG makes everything better... a thing of beauty.
  • Calvin Pickard... must have been bored.  It's ok Calvin, it probably won't last.  He still made a couple of very clutch saves that were needed to preserve the victory.
My 3 stars of the game:
1. Hickman
2. Sanvido
3. Adam Morrison (Van)

I'm off to bed... I apologize for the relative brevity.  See you all tomorrow night as the Birds host the Saskatoon Blades.


Unknown said...

Were you listening to this on 710am? They cut to commercial just as the final PP was expiring, so when they came back to the game, it was over. Lame.

Thunnex said...

I was watching the webcast. The webcasts still aren't perfect but they are better than years past.

Anonymous said...

Replays of all penalties, fights, goals, good plays, etc. I wish we could get even half as many replays at the show. Are you reading these blogs tbirds office people?

Dean said...

710 has issues like others but normally other hockey broadcasts cut to commercial after the whistle and come back after the puck drops. Few seconds lost but if 710 am cuts to commercial while play is in session then there is no excuse. However, they are still the best sports in town so hopefully they can learn from mistakes.

Go Thunderbirds!

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