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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Tbirds better than Ambien

Seattle loses to Everett 5-1 last night in what could be their worst game of the season to date.  They lost 5-0 at home to Prince Albert earlier in the season but early indications are that PA is probably a better team than Everett.  Especially a Silvertips team playing without Ryan Murray. This was the type of game that had people calling for Rob Sumner's job... which is why I will maintain once again that I don't think coaching is the primary issue. I'm not blaming this loss on Coach K and the coaching staff, but clearly they will need to continue fighting the battle to get these players to play hard on a nightly basis for 60 minutes.

Seattle started the game with the "jump" that was needed in the first 10 minutes, but completely lost the momentum after a couple of penalties resulted in two Power Play goals for the Tips. From there it was all downhill for the Birds. The game was so bad I wished I could have turned it off. Through 9 games, the numbers are not looking good for Seattle.  Their offense ranks 21st, their home-ice "advantage" is 20th and they have played the 3rd easiest schedule so far. Bullet holes... yes please.

  • The Penalty Kill was completely ineffective for Seattle, giving up 3 goals in 5 chances.  With the lack of scoring the Birds are doing right now they cannot afford to give up PP goals and right now they rank 20th in that department.
  • Kyle Verdino was suspended TBD for some kind of incident on Friday night at Everett. Unfortunately, I wasn't at the game and didn't get a chance to watch, so I have no idea what he did to warrant a suspension.
  • Hard to single out any players for either being good or bad... pretty much everyone played a poor game overall.  Burke Gallimore had a nice deflection goal off a slap-pass from Shea Theodore but neither was very good after that. I honestly can't think of one player I was particularly excited about.
  • Seattle had 7 defensemen dressed and Austin Frank played up front.
  • The Tbirds really need Colin Jacobs back to provide a shot in the arm.  Jacobs is still listed as being out for 1 month. Evan Wardley is listed at 2 weeks, and Erik Fleming is day to day.... aren't we all..
  • I don't care even a little bit about the 3 stars of the game given at the rink, but Gallimore being the 3rd star was an absolute joke. If they need to interview a player, just do it. Why bother even giving out 3 stars when everyone in the building knows they are a joke. Once again though, just to make it clear, I really don't care very much about 3 stars.
  • Seattle travels to Victoria on Friday to take on the Royals.  I will be going on the trip and should have internet access while I'm there so I will update when I can. Victoria isn't very good and Seattle returns home for the Vancouver Giants on Tuesday of next week.  Things will get a lot tougher after that as they hit the road on their trip through the Central Division, where Medicine Hat, Edmonton, Red Deer and Kootenay represent 4 of the 5 top ranked teams in the WHL.  They better get some work done in the next 3 games before they hit the road.
Quick disclaimer: All of the numbers and rankings I use come from Massey Ratings (link to the left).


Anonymous said...

Totally agree Tyler, great analysis. Birds were in a great position to get 4 points out of the weekend and they blew it last night. Another point to make is that Everett played 3 in 3 nights, you wouldn't have known it though last night,we were dead and they were alive. I would like to see Rouse get a healthy scratch, I don't see anything out him right now or all season.Seems like since the birds have moved into the Sho, they have played lackluster at home.

Dean said...

Another great report. This team lacks drive, like last year. Could it be talent or could it be bad coaching? I can't see it being coaching but lack of actual talent. Glad I'm not spending money for 20 games for four tickets each night this year. I was on a high from last week and now hit the low.

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