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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Seattle at Edmonton - Game Thread

Game two of a not so fun road trip.
Going to be a very tough game against a very good opponent.
Will still be shorthanded for helpfully only one more game after this.


Anonymous said...

Buckle up the post holiday swan song is here! Where is the mental toughness and heart from this team?

Anonymous said...

On injuries and other tournaments
In my opinion, the league needs to start thinking about how many players the teams can carry.
The teams are obviously taking more precautions about the players health than they used to in the "old days". I can remember players playing with broken bones and concussions. Not anymore
Playing games with fewer players "under the limit" (players have to play more minutes) are more likely to get hurt. (longer shifts and tired)
It is not like the NHL, where the team can "bring up" players to replace players that are injured ect.

Sure, they can bring up a 15 year old, but only for a few games--
The NHL and AHL can bring up players that are nearly as good (and old) as the players on the team they replace.
If you don't think so, look at the injury report of "all" of the teams not just the Thunderbirds.

Just my observation

Unknown said...

I think the team is just worn out from playing short handed. I don't think this little streak has anything to do with a post holiday swan song. They are just missing too many guys due to injury and tournaments.

How many players should they carry? If they expanded rosters that wouldn't help much, you'd have a bunch of players only getting time in practice and then they will do what Holub did, ask for a trade and go home to wait for one. The players need playing time and practice to progress. Maybe you expand the protected list so teams could carry more older players so they would have an option of calling up an 18 or 19 year old when injuries or tournaments come up. I do think it is exciting to see the first glimpse of a 15 year old when they are playing their first couple of games for a team.

On Friday night Thom said Honey and Barzal were week to week, but they are both day to day on the weekly report. Was there a change in their status or did Thom misspeak? I hope Troock is ok, sounded like a cheap hit from the radio broadcast, I can't believe you would take a cheap shot when everything is going the right way for your team. That is something I associate more with frustration. Hopefully Eansor is back soon, they really need his energy. Kalder and Vulcan sound like they have been doing ok their first two games. Hopefully they can find a way to gut out a win tonight.

Unknown said...

I have a question on Wardley's suspension. He got two games after getting 4 earlier this year. Is this the WHL saying it wasn't a major penalty, but it was called a major so we feel we need to suspend you anyway? The WHL will note on some of the suspensions that it is the second one. I would think if the number of suspensions was important it would apply all the time. I wish leagues would admit that mistakes are made sometimes. I don't expect perfection from the refs and it is stupid to pretend they are.

Anonymous said...

I recall that Yak got a major which was reduced to a double minor and no suspension after the fact.
Troock not playing tonight. Why the hell would you run someone when you are up 5 zip?

Anonymous said...

I'm writing off this road trip. Get back to Seattle, and try to get straight for Spokane next weekend. Get Kolesar and Bear back, hopefully Barzal too, maybe Honey if we're really lucky, and decide if you're the team that dropped six straight to start November or won 10 of 11 in November and December.

Anonymous said...

Ahh the honorable mention from Paul Silvi tonight: 'Over the last 4 games, the T-Birds have been outscored 29-4. Now *THAT'S* a team that can use a quick fix.' For those that say that our team never gets covered by the press, apparently it takes a stretch this bad in order to get noticed.

Anonymous said...

When will it be safe to buy tickets to the next Thunderbird home game? That is my question.

Anonymous said...

I know that times are tough and the team is short handed right now, but the way we lose sometimes just boggles my mind. I believe we have lost 3 or 4 games like the Calgary game this year. We just get blown out and kind of quit. I went through the other US teams schedules and they don't have any really games like the birds have had this year. By the way where has Swenson been? His game has really dropped off this year.

Justin said...

Why are so many moaning and groaning about us being so banged up and short handed ? When you check the weekly report you will see most teams have the same problems --some even worse ,it's part of the game. Now is the time to strap on a pair and compete rather than feeling sorry for the state we're in. Buckle down!!!!

Anonymous said...

Trade deadline Friday (noon)
Quote from Farwell?????

But longtime Seattle Thunderbirds GM Russ Farwell doesn’t think the lack of big names on the block makes for a less-exciting trade deadline, which arrives Friday afternoon

“I don’t think so,” Farwell said.

“I might look at it a little different.

“From a news standpoint, you’re looking for big trades and big news. But from a hockey team’s standpoint, I’m not sure those are the type of deals that are best for our league.

“Teams are always looking to get better, and everyone’s working hard but there’s more buyers than sellers this year.”

Any thoughts?

Anonymous said...

I personally don't care if the trade deadline moves are 'big splash' trades so long as there is a trade or two taking place. If I'm Russ, I am regretting the decision on Jesse Forsberg every day and kicking myself over the non-existent state of the 20 year olds on this team. I could see a trade to bring in either a goalie or a Defenseman with good playoff experience to give this team a boost.

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