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Noebels Traded

Seattle does wind up making a move and it is a bit of a big one.  The Thunderbirds have traded Marcel Noebels to the Portland Winterhawks in exchange for Seth Swenson and two 1st round Bantam selections. The 1st round picks are in 2012 and 2013.

Snap reaction. This is a GREAT trade for Seattle. To get this type of return for Noebels is a great deal for the Tbirds. Hopefully Swenson will come up and fit right in with the rest of the group.

Oh and by the way... we'll see Marcel and the Winterhawks on Saturday.


Anonymous said...

Wow, can't fault this move at all. This years pick will for sure be a late first pick and next years probably as well but sheesh that's a good haul. This opens up room for another Euro too. As they say in Spokane "Whoo Hooo!"

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Noebels will score well with Portland. He should benefit from playing with the other talent. Similar to when we traded Lonny Bohonos to Portland, he hadn't done much for us but scored a lot more as a Winterhawk.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that there are so many people out there calling this a terrible trade. So we gave up a guy with 10 goals and 14 assists.. Do these people not see that the Birds are getting dominated by good teams even when we did have Marcel in the lineup? He is not a 'make-or-break' player on a team that is broken in several areas, though I agree that Noebels will get on the scoreboard a lot more with Portland. We'll have 4 1st round draft picks (or nice trade value)and as long as we can overcome our terrible draft history this will have been the right move.

Anonymous said...

That is the key drafting well. I'm not sure where the organization is at in that regard. Troock certainly has talent size and heart, just more than his share of bad luck with the health/injury issues so far. Hauf, don't know yet. Only 16 with great size and reach obviously but size alone doesn't get it done. At least he is getting playing time which players have to have to develop. Theodore seems like a great pick. Whichever scout picked him, give that guy a raise and listen to him! With 4 first round picks, at least 2 of which should be fairly high there will be no excuses. If they can't make these work I will have to waive the white flag. My main worry is that Farwell will screw it up with his love of big players and lack of drafting skill/scoring ability and players that are willing to go to the net or clear the crease. I hope to heck we can get Gropp to sign.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the Lonny Bohonos reset. I loved the magic man as a winterhawk.

Brian in Sherwood

Anonymous said...

I thought Seattle got a lot of value in the deal. However, I would bet Portland is banking on their previous history of turning former T-birds like Lonny Bohonos and Rob Klinkhammer into scoring machines when moved South.

I doubt Noebles would have come back as an overager in Seattle, but I would guess Philly would keep him in Portalnd to help him work on his scoring next year. It could be one of the rare trades that turn out well for everyone involved.

Anonymous said...

IMO Noebels will work out great for Portland IF he gets his head out of the clouds and decides to play in the whl this year. We all know how good he can be. Seemed like it was all mental. Clashing with coach right off the bat didn't help him at all either.

So glad we get to see Picks finish his career here. (Most likely). How awesome is that for all the fans!

Anonymous said...

I hope they don't think because they have a couple of extra first round picks they can gamble with them and take a risk on some U.S. kid who is not committed to the WHL. Everett had 2 first round picks a couple years ago and used one on Seth Jones. Not only is he not playing for them, he's never been to one of their training camps. I know he could show up next year but he could also never step foot in Everett as well. If he shows up what do they get? maybe two years out of him? The T-birds need to select 4 bonafide, surefire players who want to play in this league; guys who will be here for a minimum of 4 yrs.
And please, do your homework, we can't afford to end up with the next Erik Fleming or, god forbid, Cody Hanson. They don't have to be NHL first rounders either. I'll take 4 Bud Holloway's. Players who work hard at both ends of the ice and can score some goals. And like someone else said, get Gropp signed. I don't understand how you use the 6th overall pick in the draft on a kid not committed to playing in this league.

Anonymous said...

What is the status with Gropp? Is there a deadline for Seattle to sign him? If Seattle doesn't sign him is he bantam draft eligible again or does he remain Seattle property?

Mr Tell13 said...

I think this is a great trade for both teams. Portland is getting a great talent guy and he will probably help then in the playoffs. Seattle gets a great grinder that probably will push others for ice time and doubles theirs first round odds, which is awsome. Is it an expensive trade-off for Portland? Heck yeah, but they are most likely the only team in the leugue that can actually handle that price.

And yes, it all depends on the team's ability to draft good potential. But I would like to point out that drafting is doing pretty decent as of late. I know, I know..... the unholy trinity of the Chaffin-Fleming-Hanson is still felt by most fans, but you might be looking at it out of context. (one might forget that the t-birds selected Boyer-Deserres-Acolatse) in the following rounds after Cody know...guys that did not help this franchise at all)
So since 2009 our first round is Troock (who outside of injuries is doing ok) and Jared Hauf who is IMO progressing pretty well as a d-man. the following round are showing good results too Hickman and Wardley in 2009 and Theodore and Green in 2010). Add to it the selection of Noebels and Sutter in the Euro draft, one resulting in now 2 first round draft picks and the other being one of our top 2 d-men, I think they are doing pretty good.

Anonymous said...

Haven't seen discussion here yet, but aschim and verdino are both gone as well, so the birds just got a lot younger. I'm thinking they may try to pick up a 20 year old somewhere.

Anonymous said...

I am glad Marcel is gone. Puck-hog that wanted the spotlight. But even better, keeping Picks was a great decision. He has been the face of the team and leader for 3 years.

Anonymous said...

A flyers blog conducted an interview with Marcel before the season started and he was trying to sell playing in Germany rather than coming back to Seattle. He said something about the German league being a step faster. What made him think he could handle playing there when he is unimpressive in the WHL? He is a lazy quitter as evidenced by that horrible give away that gave Spokane their short handed goal last Saturday. He didn't want to be here and I am happy he is gone. Potential means nothing when it is pissed away.

Anonymous said...

For the Gropp comment below, it is rumored that his parents don't like Kent Meridian High School and the idea of Gropp going there.If that is the case then I hope we trade his rights away to another team if in fact he does not want to come here because of that.

Anonymous said...

On Gropp you said he does not want to come here but perviously said his parents are concerned about the school? Which is it? These are different cases. I could fully understand parents concern about having a young kid (he still is) leave home and go to big city especially if they've heard concerns about the school.

Anonymous said...

Let me clarify, I did not mean to be confusing, his parents don't like the school thing with KM, that is basically it, I did not mean to say he does not want to go to Seattle ,but the hang up is the school. If you read the Farwell interview with MC he touches on that in his blog. I also asked someone who works for the team in regards to this and they confirmed it.

Thunnex said...

Whoa whoa whoa. Let's not get carried away here people. It is very irresponsible to be running around making comments about things like this anonymously.

You can't go running around making anonymous comments and acting like they are "facts". If you want to provide a source where a parent was quoted in a paper or something like that... be my guest.

As for the MC article. I would seriously question the journalistic integrity of a reporter who will ask questions that are based on opinion and treat them as though they are facts.

It is pretty tough to "factually" define a school because there are so many different ways to evaluate education. Great Schools lists KM as a 4 out of 10 which would be slightly below average. The reviews give it 4 out of 5 stars which is excellent.

School Digger rates KM as 2 out of 5 stars (again slightly below average) but it also shows that test scores are on the rise and statewide performance is on the rise.

KM is also the only High School in Kent with an IB program.

Based on those facts... I could then formulate an opinion about the school just like everyone else can but it would still only be my opinion.

I'd really appreciate it if everyone would please stick to facts and opinions and make sure that we are clear on the definition of both.

Let's try not to make wild speculations (anonymously) about the intentions of players and their parents and represent it as a fact.

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