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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Thoughts on loss to Kamloops, and look ahead to the road trip

The only thing I will say about the game the other night is "what could go wrong, did".
From Theodore's stick breaking, to posts, to pucks hitting stanchions and bouncing out of the zone, etc.  You could tell the players started playing as individuals, and that never happens.

I personally don't think it had to do with being short handed (but that didn't help).
It was just one of those games.
It wasn't goaltending, wasn't defense, wasn't offense.  It was everyone.

Now on the injury front.

The players that were scratches last night.

Due to injuries:


I heard rumors of what each injury is (but since they are not confirmed, I will not say what they are).
This is just my personal opinion (reminder, I am not affiliated with the team at all and also am not a doctor).
I would be very surprised in any of them play in the first 3 games of the road trip.
It is possible that a couple play in PG.

Due to being away at the U17's:


Since the U17's go until the 3rd or 4th, the earliest they could potentially be back for the games in PG but talk about a long trip back from Nova Scotia.
So they might do that but the team may also elect to give them a little break since the didn't get any over the holidays.

It seems to me like they'll have to find someone that can be called up to play for this 5 game road trip.

EDIT: At almost the exact moment I posted this. Andy Eide tweeted that both Nolan Volcan and Kaden Elder have been added to the roster for this weekend. So there you go.


Anonymous said...

Totally agree with your assessment...everything was a hot mess and anything that could go wrong, did. I think they felt like they still could come from behind until that 5 minute major they had to kill off and then they got scored on immediately. It was done right then. Two-for-Tuesdays always have a weird vibe, and it was even worse with a full house that night.

I am happy, however, that everyone's kinda kept it in was one game and Everett lost both of theirs, so we didn't really lose any ground.

Mr Tell13 said...

IMO the game was lost at the end of the first period. The tbirds were playing decently and I felt that Kamloops got under their skins (with some physical plays and unlucky post from the tbirds) and they just could not recover from it.

I think the situation was a great test of character for 2 players that had a TOn of ice time with Barzal and Easnor being out of the lineup. And sadly Troock and Delnov really did not look good as the game progressed. It was not a case where they did not work hard, they worked idividually. and you could see the frustration mounting as the game went along, for both players and coaches.

Kodi said...

Can we really just stop talking about Honey unless he is actually back out on the ice. Don't get me wrong when he's on the ice he adds a lot to this team but it's reminding me of a few years back when Troock stayed with the team the whole year and didn't play.

Even if he does come back who knows where in his development he'll be.

we should be more concerned with players we know will be back as well as players that may need to be brought in to help give us a push (without giving up the farm for a single run with a bunch of 19's).

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