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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Seattle vs Kelowna - Game Thread


Anonymous said...

Holy crap, what a GAME! I was screaming my head off when Yak got that empty netter. For as much as that kid took last night, he deserved a goal.

Kodi said...

I am extremely interested in the game that we have upcoming on Saturday against Portland. This will be our first go at Portland since December 14th.

Seattle's record against Portland this year is 3-0-0-0

Portland's record against Seattle is 4-1-1-1

Will there be any hard feelings or retalitaion from "the hit"?
Will we have Troock back to help in the scoring?
Will Portland's additions in the back end be enough?
Will the new shut down line be effective against PDX's top scoring line?

I think Seattle was on there way of winning that last game but "the hit" caused them to lose concentration allowing Portland to get back in the game.

We play so many games against Portland I usually don't care that much when we play them anymore (we need to go back to a balanced schedule). Though this weekend I hope to see team step up!

Anonymous said...

Seattle's record against Portland is 3-4-0-0, not 3-0-0-0. I'm sure that was just a typo.

Kodi said...

indeed it was a typo.

If Portland won 4 games we had to lose 4 games.

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