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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Bunch Of Random Thoughts

Here is a brain dump from this last weekend.  Subjects covered include the two new players, the two games, the playoffs, and a few more.

Looks like it is time to release new goalie Taran Kozun.
Giving up 2 goals in 3 games is just completely unacceptable.
His save % of .977 is a little lower then this team needs.
Ok, enough with the sarcasm.
What a great start for a great kid.
I had the chance to meet him between period the game after he was traded, and he was extremely polite and positive.  Met his mother last game, and you can tell where he gets it from.
Two things really impress me about him (since Tyler has only seem him on the computer screen).
The speed and calmness that he makes the scramble like saves.  When he happens to leave a rebound, or the puck takes a strange bounce, he gets to the place where he needs to be very quickly.  As Thom Beuning pointed out, he plays the puck very well.  Behind the net, he seems to know where to place it, even reversing direction with it when needed.

I am sure with those numbers, and the way the TBird players seem to miss out, someone else will be CHL goaltender of the week.

Man do I like Russell Maxwell.
Just watching him for three games, you can see why fans and players loved him in Lethbridge.
He reminds me of a player Seattle had a while ago named Tyler Willis.
Both stand around 5'8, 180lbs, and neither were afraid of anything.
Maxwell can play any of the man situations that coach wants to put him out in.
He will dig in the corner, make a great pass, has a nice finishing shot, and will sacrifice his body.
My father went to the game against the Americans with me, and I told him to watch #37.  Told him he will love him.  15 seconds later, he scores.

In Friday nights game, Seattle dominated on the faceoffs for most of the game.  I dont have the stats, but I would bet it was by a 2-1 margin.  A ton of those were offensive zone ones.
At times, Seattle's powerplay looked very good, then went to terrible.
The second period was horrible for Seattle.  Play that way against Portland, and the score would be 4-0 Portland.
Great seeing Barzal back, even on the 4th line.  You can tell he is not quite comfortable yet.  He had a 2 on 1 in the 1st, where for some reason, he decided to try a pass through, instead of shooting on what appeared to be a wide open upper corner.  Of course, they pass did make it through and whomever was on the receiving end just missed it.
Gropp continues to get stronger and stronger.  He had a couple chances that just missed.
A very good game played by Tri Goalie Sarthou.  He is from Black Diamond Washington, and I was told his parents are TBird season ticket holders since the day's of the Key Arena.  Always great to see local kids, even if he played in Los Angeles.

In Saturday nights game, talk about an interesting start.
Two fights about 5 minutes in.  And talk about two differnt fight styles.
First a true heavy weight battle.  Elliot vs Grist.  Grist got the upper hand early, then Elliot gets it back, ending it with a couple uppercuts.  In a true sign of respect, both players pat each other after being separated.  I always love that.
Second fight goes to former team mates Wolf and Douglas.  I will call this one an addition for dancing with the stars (Battle of the Blades for you Canadian readers).
What a steal by Elliot on the 2nd Seattle goal, and a great feed to Wolf.  And Wolf with a great shot.  Bet most of you never expected to read that.
A little too close there at the end with the extra attacker.

Before the Portland game on Sunday, Seattle was within 2 points of first place in the US division. Portland with a win on Sunday, and another game today can put some ground between them and Seattle.

Seattle and Victoria are now separated by 1 point.  Man do I wish these two could play each other again.  Seattle has looked great in the games, and hey, another road trip to the island sounds like a lot of fun.

If the playoffs were to start right now, Seattle and Spokane would play in the first round.  I think Seattle would be very happy with that, since we have a 5-0 record against them so far.
But, if you set the order based on winning percentage, Seattle and Everett would be the first round match up.

Tough week ahead with 4 games.  At least 3 are on home ice.
The last two games should be the most difficult ones.  Everett, then Kelowna.

Remember Teddy bear toss night is Saturday against the Bears (oh sorry, the tips).  So get all your friends and family together.  Bring out those stuffed animals, and make sure you try to get them stuck in the netting on the ends.  I call those hangers.  If you want some real fun, come to the game really early around 2pm, and watch a bunch of my friends and I rip up the ice playing a men's league exhibition.
And Sunday is the 5th anniversary celebration of the Showare Center.  A great game against a great team, and $5 food and drink specials, and lots of giveaways.  Come out to watch me not win anything, just like always.

I feel sorry for PG's goalies on Friday night.  Combined, the two of them had 49 saves in the game. Only problem, the team lost 8-0.  Edmonton outshot them 57-17 in the game.

I am guessing most of you saw, but the Root broadcast schedule finally was released.  Seattle appears 3 times on it.  Since it appears like I will be working the games for Root again this season, I will only have to miss a single Birds game.

Lastly, Tyler and the twins are doing great.  They are hoping to make their debut at the teddy bear toss

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Taran Kozun CHL goalie of the week

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