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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Game tonight in PG, or maybe not (Now game on)

You just cant make this stuff up, but the city workers union in PG may walk off their jobs over a lack of contract.

This is the latest newspaper article about it.

The part of the article that means the most is

"On Saturday, CUPE also issued a 72-hour strike notice to arena facilities, as required in the interim essential services agreement set out by the B.C. Labour Relations Board."

So, they can walk off the job today.  And from what I have heard, that may mean that the arena can not open.

If this happens, your guess is as good as mine about what they would do.

********* Update
This appeared on twitter at 1:35pm
"@PrinceGeorgeCitizen - RT @CharelleEvelyn: 'We're working hard,' says one member of CUPE team. 1048 prez Janet Bigelow says some progress being made. #cityofpg"

*************** Update
At about 4:45pm
CUPE and #cityofpg have come to a tentative agreement.


Anonymous said...

I hope they stay on strike. Another couple of days for the players to heal.

Anonymous said...

On one hand, in the short term it'd be cool to have the games postponed, on the theory that we'd get a chance to get some of the wounded or tournament participants back, but really, do we want those games shoehorned into an already pretty crowded schedule down the line?

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