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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Seattle at Everett, Game 2

Seattle held serve last night and will have a chance to really take hold if they can win in Everett this evening afternoon Sunday.

4:05 puck drop. Still time to get tickets and head up to Everett.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

and a double woohooo where were the fans? 4100? Dissapointing

Unknown said...

I felt right at home sitting next to three T-bird fans with T-bird fans in the rows in front and behind me :)

Good game overall. I'd like to see the T-birds defend the slot better, but Kozun is coming up huge (minus a sloppy puck handling to give them a goal)

It's so entertaining to read the comments from Everett fans on the WHL FB post on the game. I didn't think the refs were THAT one sided. I thought they were pretty even tonight, but maybe I'm just looking though my blue tinted glasses. Maybe Everett fans need to change their chant at the end of a failed PP to "Damn that was a good kill"

Hopefully the PK and PP keep it up and the boys keep their emotions under control which I think they've done pretty well so far.

Anonymous said...

Power plays: Seattle 4
Everett 5

Rat fans are bad at math.

Erica said...

I agree, there were calls missed both ways, both nights.

It was awesome sitting with a loud Tbirds crowd in EVT. The EVT fans sitting behind us on Saturday were talking about how many empty seats were at Showare, so I expected EVT to be a packed house.

Anonymous said...

Sunday games are never that good. We would have been there but we had other commitments.

Great win by Seattle! If I had listened to all the pundits I would have expected to lose this game.

Now it's on Seattle to close it out and not have another series like last year. Go T-Birds. Daddy needs a road trip with his boy.

Anonymous said...

Funny how some Everett fans have commented that they were "disappointed" with the less then full house at the ShoWare Center Saturday. They just assumed they'd have a packed house for their home game Sunday. Yet, with an extra day to sell Game 2, their crowd was quite smaller. T-birds at least filled their building to 75% capacity. Everett barely 50%, if that. Too bad, good series so far. Kudos to the fans of both teams who traveled to both games this weekend.

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