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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Game 1 Comment Thread

Check out Alan Caldwell's preview of the series right here.

Comment on Game 1 as you wish.

Great 1st period by the Tbirds.... Americans took back to back penalties around the middle of the period and although Seattle failed to score on the 5-3 it really took the momentum away from the Americans and Ian McKenzie got his first of two shortly after the penalties expired.

Seattle must match this intensity and effort for the next two periods and they just might steal Game 1 in the series.

Hickey is helped off the ice with what looked like a leg injury while receiving a penalty. The penalty call looked ridiculous to me... but then no penalty was called as Holloway created a breakaway and scored shorthanded to give the Tbirds a 3-0 lead.

Tbirds with another great period and Tri-City is frustrated as Seattle leads 4-1.

Seattle just scored two more on goals from Scott Jackson and Lindsay Nielsen and the Tbirds have chased Chet Pickard.

Seattle dominates tonight and wins 7-1 over the frustrated Americans.

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