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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Season on the line tonight in Game 5

Unlike Game 3 of the first round where the series technically could not end... tonight is all about survival.

It doesn't matter how you get it done... physical play, finesse and speed, Power Play, Shorthanded, etc. Tonight the Tbirds have to get it done in Kennewick or the season is over.

My gut tells me that Thomas Hickey will play and Prab Rai will not, but I wouldn't be shocked to see the Captain out of the lineup again tonight and hope for a return to Game 6 back at home.

A loss tonight and the season is obviously over... but a win tonight and Seattle has a chance to take back momentum of the series. Change the momentum and win Game 6 and anything can happen in Game 7, no matter where the game is played.

Seattle must improve their PK tonight in order to win. I don't care one bit about what calls the officials are making or aren't making, the team still has to kill the penalty and too many times in this series they haven't been able to do that.

Players who have been great all year or in the first round must find that magical touch again tonight. Greg Scott is due, David Richard is due, Bud Holloway is kind of due. All of these guys must play their best game of the season tonight to get things done.

I have no idea who is starting in the pipes tonight for Seattle but my gut again would tell me that Riku Helenius is back. Jake didn't start Game 4 because of anything Riku did in Game 3 and Riku starting tonight would have nothing to do with anything Jake did in Game 4.

7:05 from the Toyota Center tonight... its time to open the proverbial gas tank and see how much is left.


Mike said...

Hickey is listed as probable and Rai is a game time decision.

Here's a prediction: one of the three teams down 3-1 (seattle, swift,kootenay) will come back to win.

Let's see if I'm right.

Tonight is the toughest game of the possible last three because Tri has all the MO and their fans will be rockin. I have to say that I would be pleasantly surprised if we were able to win.

Let's hope the effort is better than Game 5 in Vancouver last season.

Mike said...

Looks like it can only be Swift Current now...

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