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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Game 7 is Tonight!

Tonight is for all the marbles... well ok, not really. The WHL or Memorial Cup is not on the line tonight, but the opportunity to play for those things is.

Seattle must win tonight to extend their season in a building where they lost only 6 times in regulation this year but is only 1-2 so far in this series. This game at home is the reward for all the hard work the team put in down the stretch to catch and overtake Kelowna and Everett in the standings.

As I stated a few days ago... tonight could possibly be the last game for Scott Jackson, Benn Olson and Ian McKenzie. I expect those three guys to lead the way tonight.

Regan Bartel is reporting that the officials assigned to tonight's only WHL game is Andy Thiessen and Derek Herman which will likely mean that the game will be decided by the players. Credit to the WHL for assigning a really good crew for tonight's game 7.

The Tbirds MUST find a way to create space to use their speed and not allow Kelowna to clog things up at the blue line. This team has shown that when they are ready to play they are capable of dominating Kelowna... I would be very surprised and disappointed if that team didn't show up tonight.

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