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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Post #200 a heartbreaker

Seattle loses a heart breaker last night and their season will be on the line Friday night in Kennewick.

I was busy last night winning two GSHL championships and my heart sunk checking the score after I got out of the rink.

I know there are a lot of disgruntled Tbird fans today with a Benn Olson penalty late in the game that resulted in the PP with which Tri-City scored the GWG on in the overtime period. Having not seen the game its really not fair for me to judge either way, but I absolutely hate being in the habit of blaming officials for wins or losses. Over the course of a game there are probably a dozen things or more that a team can do to win or lose games regardless of the officiating and the bottom line is that Seattle didn't get it done last night.

Andy Thiessen is generally regarded as one of the better officials in the WHL and for the most part I have never really had an issue with the way he calls a game.

Officials, like players, are subject to making mistakes because they are human just like anyone else and due to the nature of the job sometimes those decisions and mistakes affect the outcome of sports/hockey games. You can't concern yourself with the officials.

So Seattle has got to put these last two days behind them and focus on the fact that Tri-City is a very good team and both games were close enough to go either way. You might get your Captain back on Friday and if you steal one in Kennewick you come back to your own barn with a chance to win at home and send it to Game 7 where anything can happen.


Marc74 said...

I had a Tri-Cities fan sitting in front of me, he was saying how horrible the refs were when T-birds were having calls go against them.

Tri-cities continues to be rewarded for being a flopping team.

Mike said...

As I said on the message board we are losing because of three factors:

1) Awful PK and PP by us
2) Stellar PK and PP by Tri
3) Bad officiating that has cost us one game without one of our best players AND a horrible call against Benn with 20 secs left in the third. You either put the whistle in your pocket or you call EVERYTHING period. There was NO excuse for that call, none whatsoever.

rm said...

Seattle has had 10 more pp's then tri so quit whinning about the refs. They haven't been the difference, the difference has been seattle is 3-29 on the pp, while tri has gone 9-19.

Mike said...

You might be blind but look at my first two reasons. Also most of those pp's came in game one so cut the nonsesnse. The refs also didn't make a bad call to take one of your best players out for a game AND give you a penalty with 20seconds left in the 3rd period of a tie game.

You might think you're fooling someone but not me.

rm said...

Scott wouldn't have made a difference in game 2, Tri completely dominated the game. If the same kneeing incident had happened to a Seattle player you would have wanted a 5 min penalty called. I would say that when Hickey tripped and hit his head on Huey's knee/ice has made a bigger difference then the refs calls.

Mike said...

Really? Not having a 38 goal scorer AND your best D-man didn't make a difference in a game where you only scored PP goals??

I tell you what, let's have Yellow Horn AND Fast sit out tonight and see what happens.

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