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Hockey Challenge 2014

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More thoughts on Game 3

The Tbirds really have their backs up against the wall tonight in Game 4 after an effort in Game 3 that just wasn't playoff quality.

Don't pay any attention to the close 3-2 score. This was a game that was mostly dominated by the Americans and only an incredible 18 save 2nd period by Riku Helenius and two outstanding goals by Jim O'Brien kept Seattle in the game.

Helenius was outstanding, especially in the 2nd period when Seattle was able to tie the game at 2-2 on O'Brien's 2nd goal. I bet though, he would love to have the GWG back as a backhand fluttering goal found its way under his glove and into the back of the net. It was a shot by Taylor Procyshen that he got only partially and it handcuffed Riku, who I imagine thought the shot would come in higher.

Seattle was 0/9 on the Power Play and as much as I hate it when fans yell "shooooot" when the boys are on the Power Play, in this case they were right. A 5-3 Seattle enjoyed in the 2nd period netted only 1 shot on goal and ended with only 24 for the game and never more than 9 in a period.

Seattle also gave up a PP goal early in the first after taking a 1-0 lead when Eddie Friesen (just called up) was hit with an interference penalty. Tough situation for the kid, but you just can't make mistakes like that in playoff games, especially when you just joined the team.

Helenius would probably also like to have the Americans second goal back, as Adam Hughesman poked in a puck at the near post from behind the net while the goal light went off and both referees looked at each other dumbfounded. After a short review, the goal was awarded and Seattle trailed 2-1. The goal was also a PP goal and Tri-City was 2/5 with the man advantage.

So.... Seattle is up against the wall facing a must win game tonight and they will certainly be without the services of captain Thomas Hickey again.

I'm all but certain that Hickey is out again tonight but it is the playoffs and it is a must win game so I suppose anything is possible.

I have a bad feeling that this playoff series is starting to look like the series last year against Vancouver and I think Seattle goes down in Games 4 and 5 and lose the series 4-1.

Prove me wrong boys... I'd love to be wrong about that prediction.

1 comment :

Mike said...

I agree with you totally. If you don't bring your A game against tri/spok/van you don't win. The only reason the game was close was because of Riku.

I agree that although we are only down 2-1 it really feels as tho we have already lost. It does seem very much like round 2 against Vancouver last season.

We are just being outplayed big time. Obviously the only way to change that destiny is to win tonight but we would need to put in a much better effort OR Riku will have to be totally super human and shut them out.

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