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Hockey Challenge 2014

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I've seen the Olson penalty...

and wow that is a bad call.

That would have been a horrible call if it were a 5 goal game in the 2nd period in November, much less with 22 seconds left in a pivotal playoff game that is tied and going into overtime.

I still say that you can't put the blame on officials for losing.... but that is just an indefensible call by any referee, much less the one that was awarded the WHL's top award for officials last year.


Mike said...

Yes and I'm not sure if you saw the hook on Imac in the crease a few mins earlier or the high stick on Sena as well.

However Ron Robinson is mor einterested in how much petty cash Portland spent on lunches.

jon said...

Don't forget that this is the officiating tandem that the night before dished out 20 penalties, 16 against one team.

Mike said...

Theissen has been handing out loads of penalties against the home team as of late.

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