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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Bleh... whatever...

That is how you are supposed to play on the road in the middle of a long road trip. I'm giving the Tbirds a free pass on the loss tonight.

The only thing I think is worth noting is DeSerres making only 4 saves on 6 shots in the first period and then getting yanked in favor of Calvin Pickard the rest of the way. I didn't see the game with my own eyes but I have to assume Rob Sumner did not like what he saw and opted for the young 16 year old the rest of the way.

One game over the course of the season isn't going to make or break anyone... but I will say that at some point the Tbirds need DeSerres to fully regain his confidence and take back the #1 spot we all thought he would have going into the season. I think Pickard is great... I keep saying that and will keep saying that... but I also still believe at some point in a big game he will let you down because at 16 he is being put in a really tough spot.

Let's hope tonight was just one bad game and Jake rebounds quickly... whether it be tomorrow or Saturday at home.


Anonymous said...

How can you write a blog about the T-birds and their road trip when you are on the sofa? Don't you need to be present to have some insight.... You making statements with NO facts because you are not present. Then you mention half heartly the T-bird radio announcer is having a daily diary about the eastern trip on his blog, and is taking your job. His not taking your job, he is doing your job.


Thunnex said...

congratulations... you get your very own post to respond to this.

Mr Tell13 said...

I'm sure it was a game to forget for everybody. But to be devil's advocate, do you feel that the team is playing the same when Jake is in the net or Calvin?

Thunnex said...

Honest opinion... no I don't think they are. I know first hand that teams tend to relax a little when they have a goaltender they feel can carry them a little bit more and to an extent Jake has earned that reputation for being so good in the past.

I'm really not that worried about Jake, he still is super talented and he is just going through a stretch all goaltenders go through where they lose confidence a little bit and sometimes it takes a while to get it back. When you have lost your confidence in net the puck just seems to find a way to get past you, whereas when you are feeling good about yourself it tends to find a way into your pads.

Mr Tell13 said...

I agree, Jake might have a uneven regular season, but the t-birds are surely going to count on him in the playoffs.

Any opinion on the way that Jeremy Schapper is playing? I have to admit I did not see him play before this year (because of his numerous shoulder injuries), and I did not know what to expect. I think he is adding a lot of dept to de D-lineup as a solid and complete d-man (if not flashy or overly robust).

Thunnex said...

I think you hit the nail on the head about Schaps. For him it is ALL about health. He just has to stay healthy and stay on the ice. When he does... he is one of those guys where it is easy to forget that he is out there since he doesn't have a booming shot and doesn't show up on the score sheet a ton.... but he is a solid, stay at home defender and a team really needs those types of guys in order to win.

He is the type of defender I think you can safely pair with a Dman who likes to jump into the rush and feel pretty good about Schaps covering his ass on the back side.

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