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Dear Brian...

In case everyone misses the comment from below I will set this up here first. Commented last night...

"How can you write a blog about the T-birds and their road trip when you are on the sofa? Don't you need to be present to have some insight.... You making statements with NO facts because you are not present. Then you mention half heartly the T-bird radio announcer is having a daily diary about the eastern trip on his blog, and is taking your job. His not taking your job, he is doing your job. Brian"

Dear Brian...

Thank you for reading Let's Go Birds...

Look... let me remind you of a few things here. First off, I congratulate you on at least posting with a name rather than simply remaining anonymous (sort of). At least you have the guts to throw your name out there.

Second... you aren't wrong about what you are saying. I'm not on the road trip, I don't plan on travelling to Swift Current tonight to see the game and quite frankly if you have watched the games on WHL TV you will know that you aren't getting a whole lot from watching those either.... I'm very happy that the Tbirds and Thom decided to do a blog from the road to give YOU guys (and me), the fans, some insight into what is going on behind the scenes on the road. The fact of the matter is... I started this blog a year and a half ago because as most fans know the Tbirds get NO coverage locally here in Seattle. The Times and the PI ignore the TBirds and post only the small game reports. I started the blog because I was tired of fans not having a place where they could look to find out about transactions, stats and opinions that you are NOT going to find anywhere else.

Third... Thom has a job with the team, he is paid to travel with the team and broadcast the games and quite frankly I enjoy the job that he does for the most part. I think you could do a lot worse for a broadcaster. I also think that if Thom decided to "blog" about every game and every practice the way people like Regan Bartel does in Kelowna, I would be hard pressed to imagine a world in which the blog would need to continue. I have a REAL day job... I don't write this blog for money, I'm not paid by the team or anyone else and I certainly don't get paid to travel the Eastern Swing for 12 days just to cover the team for the blog... I'm sorry. If you are looking for that you should email the Thunderbirds and demand that Thom start keeping a blog for every game and practice home and away and when that happens I will gladly go away and be thankful for some additional coverage and insights.

Have you not noticed that we aren't even getting an "In The Corners" weekly update from Thom this year?

So in conclusion Brian... Yes you are right, it would be great if I was at the games and not sitting at home on my "sofa" but until you or the team want to start paying me to do that... what you see is what you get and quite frankly I am completely undeterred by some guy chirping at me from his own "sofa" who is doing nothing but reading my blog (gee I wonder why, maybe because it is the only place to find information?). Again... thanks for reading. If you don't like it... change the channel.


Anonymous said...

Whether or on the sofa or not it doesn't seem to matter your still not qualified to write about hockey as we seen in this blog that is the reason for no pay check. Stick with the day Job. I hope you're better at it.

Thunnex said...

Come on... you gotta do better than that. If you want to disagree with me you are welcome to, but you aren't explaining why I should "stick to my day job"?

I don't really understand... I'm unqualified because I don't agree with you? or because I don't travel on the Eastern Swing on my own dime?

I'm assuming you must be the same guy who wants Sumner fired... I welcome disagreements bud, that is what we are here for... but that shouldn't mean you need to take shots at me for not agreeing with you, should it?

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your blog and visit it daily. It's great to get team info and your opinions. I appreciate all the time and effort you put into it. Keep up the great work!

I've also been enjoying Thom's blog this road trip and hope he does more of it. There is room for both blogs.

Thunnex said...

Thanks... and I agree, Thom's blog right now is a great read and I am very glad they are doing it. I really don't see myself as competition, I think of myself as enhancement.

Anonymous said...

tyler, these people are idiots. you never claim to be the go to source or seattle thunderbirds guru, just a "hockey junkie" who likes the tbirds. if you came out saying that you were the only source or best source, then yah, i guess some schmucks have something to yap about. I completely agree w/anon #2 that you give lots of info and insight unavailable to most fans. screw the haters, keep up the good work.

Thunnex said...

I appreciate the comment, I really do. I also think it is fine with me for people who disagree to be on here commenting as well. If thie "idiot" wants to bash me... hey he's still reading the blog and that works for me too.

Jon said...

To Brian and anonymous:

I have an idea for you.
How about you listen, watch, or travel to tonights game, then write up something to post on this blog. Email it to Tyler, and I am sure he would be glad to post it as a guest blogger.

Be sure to include your opinion on what happened (like Tyler does), and not just repeat facts heard from Thom or stats posted on a website.

Have it done after the game tonight, so that it can be posted in a timely manner, and not the next day.

If a play-by-play person is doing their job correctly, you could do a good write up, even from your mothers coach (oh sorry, personal attack taken back).

Or, if you want to show off your qualified expertises in hockey, why not join us for a game in Everett tonight. A few of us will be there, and I am sure my five year old would love to talk hockey with you.

If you think that Thom is doing a great job providing timely information on what the Thunderbirds are doing, then great, good for you. I like to find out info the night after the game that I didn't get a chance to listen to, not the next day. Also, Thom's blog is giving very little info on the games themselves, but more about Turners cell phone. A side note, I think it jumped. If I had to be held by Turners firm grip, I would jump also. But, another thought on it, if you had to be around a phone that rang that much, wouldn't you put it out of its misery?

I personally think Thom is doing a very basic job of providing a very little description of what life on an Eastern swing is like. Do I enjoy reading it, and remembering the past swings I have been on, of coarse. Do I think it gives much insight into the Canadian prairies, and the Thunderbirds travels, not really. That is what I would expect from someone that is blogging about the trip. Clearly, Tyler is not doing that, nor did he say he was going to. I think a daily diary is a great way to put it.

Jason Bergers blog today was a great blog that actually described what went on in the given day.

Anonymous said...

No I never thought Summer should be fired, so different guy I guess you just assume that for lack of people reading this site.

Thunnex said...

Well you are right about one thing... this blog sure ain't Google!

It probably has more to do with you hiding behind the whole "anonymous" thing.

Anonymous said...

Personally I would be more interested on what a lot of the Eastern teams do when they come out to larger Western cities like Vancouver, Seattle and Portland....Has anybody actually been to Saskatchewan it's cold, flat, and there is nothing to do. I can't imagine anyone having that much ambition to write home about it... By the way the blog is fine, it's sad that people would be upset by the opinions of someone with no connection to the team.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the response. I do enjoy your blog, I think Thom is doing an average job at beat with the eastern trip info. Andy from the Winterhawks did one when the Hawks went east. had pics, but thats about it, No special interviews or insight.

I do like the pic of the new arena


Anonymous said...

There may be interest in including your blog on the T-Birds site you just have to ask. I believe their media/pr guy is ian henry. Just shoot him an email, have him check out your blog and wait and see. As long as you are not overly critical of the team, organization, management, etc. in an unfair way and provide worthy content that drives traffic to their site I'm sure they'd welcome your blog.

Anonymous said...

So if you kiss their *** they'll let you on their site. Now that sounds like a Good idea.

I would like to Thank Ian for writing in, as you can see it just shows that the management of the T-Birds is doing nothing to communicate with the fan base.

Anonymous said...

It's too bad you have to be so cynical. If you did your homework you'd find that many WHL and NHL sites welcome fan bloggers but you have to be proactive in reaching out to be included. I think the team probably has better things to do at this point finishing up the arena than visiting this site. For your information I'm a T-Birds fan but live back East and just follow the team thru their site and sometimes this blog. I think Thunnex and the team should sit down together and figure something out. Seems like their new site is ripe for sharing content (tbirds tv, in the corner, etc.)

Thunnex said...

Guys guys... relax. At the risk of sounding like I'm kissing ass, I know Ian, he's a great guy and I think he does a good job with what is sometimes a difficult situation. I'm not really looking for the Tbirds to add me to their official website. I wouldn't be opposed to it but I'm not looking for it either.

The advantage of being independent is that I can literally say whatever I want about anything I want. I have several friends over there but I'm not afraid to tell them when I disagree with something.

It would be delicate (in the least) to have my blog added to their website.

At the end of the day.. I'm not going to them looking for it but if they came to me and asked I wouldn't automatically turn it down either. Technically I have never even applied for or asked them for a press pass, though I have thought about it.

Anonymous said...

isn't brian from sherwood the same yahoo that got 86'd from After the Whistle, Andy Kemp's blog? come on, stay positive or go home sherwood.

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