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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Really tough start to the trip...

Tbirds basically dominate the Prince Albert Raiders last night and yet lose 2-1 at the Art Hauser Centre. This was a game I did not expect the team to win or get a point but I also expected them to play poorly after the long trip and that was simply not the case.

Tbirds end up with a 42-20 advantage on shots but only manage the one goal by Chris Cloud after falling behind by 2 only 35 seconds into the 2nd period.

Greg Scott and Jim O'Brien were the 2nd and 3rd stars in the game, illustrating the effort.

Hopefully the TBirds can forget about missing a point or two in Prince Albert and come out with the same effort and intensity tonight in Saskatoon to earn their first win of the road trip.

Seattle, after the 42 shots last night have now fired 92 shots in their last two games but have only scored 3 goals on those 92 shots... a 3.26% shooting percentage.

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Unknown said...

It was a surprisingly good game considering they lost. I've heard Sumner more upset over a win than he was last night over the loss. Hopefully they keep it up and start scoring some more goals.

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