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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Beach moving back to the U.S.

The U.S. Division just got a whole lot more entertaining this morning. Kyle Beach has been traded by Lethbridge to Spokane in exchange for 19 year old defencemen Mike Reddington and 17 year old Landon Oslanski.

Spokane's first visit to ShoWare Center is November 6th.


birdieboy said...

Its amazing someone that has the talent that he displays keeps getting moved from team to team.

Anonymous said...

I guess Spokane is fairly deep on their blueline, but I'd love to have Reddington and I wouldn't trade him for Beach.

Anonymous said...

Beach does has a lot of talent, however, he is an A- hole and is a locker room cancer. Lets keep and eye on Spokane this year, Kyle might erupt again, too bad Chris Bruton is not on the team anymore. Watch out for the right hook ! ha ha ha

Brian in SHerwood

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