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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Well then...

On the heels of last nights 5-1 loss to Everett, Seattle loses 3-0 today to Spokane at the Everett Tournament.

These are just preseason games and nobody should get too worked up about them but Seattle looked tired and bad today. Only 15 shots on goal and they rarely threatened. It might have actually been the most boring hockey game I have ever watched. The defense did not play horrible and both Jahraus and Pickard were fine, splitting around 27 saves on 30 or so shots between them.

Couple of bright spots... Charles Wells appears to be back as he flashed some impressive speed today. You hear it talked about in sports often that a player that undergoes a significant injury like Well did often takes longer to recover mentally than they do physically. The knee has been ready to play for more than a year now but perhaps Wells is just now getting back to trusting his body and his legs.

Tough day for Tanner Muth who didn't play too well... but I think the kid still has a ton of promise and these are the days you're going to get sometimes with 16 year old players, I'm not really worried about him at all long term.

Referees are in fine regular season form already as Colin Jacobs got decked from behind by a Spokane player in front of the net and proceeded to get a "Diving" penalty for his effort. If that was a dive, that was one of the best acting jobs I've seen in a while.

Seattle gets back to practice before their final preseason game next Saturday at ShoWare Center against the Everett Silvertips before getting ready to open the season.


J said...

Watching the past few preseason games and looking at our roster. I don't see much to be excited for this season. None of our 20 year olds have impressed me. I guess Rai is a wait and see without proven scorers around him. The defense looks very shaky and poor in my opinion. The only strong point I see is our great goaltending. I'm not going to throw away this season.... But I do think we are in for a long season of rebuilding.....I was curious, Tyler of where you feel the T-birds will take us this year.

Anonymous said...

Too early to tell really.Will know
more after 10 games or so:)

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