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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Roster Update...

Ask and you shall receive...

I don't know if this is 100% accurate but I think it is close...

Goaltenders (4): Jacob DeSerres (19), Kyle Jahraus (19), Calvin Pickard (17), Nick Enegren (17)

Defensemen (9): Mitch Berg (18), Steve Chaffin (18), Jared Crema (17), Brenden Dillon (19), Erik Fleming (17), Brad Haber (19), Tanner Muth (16), Jeremy Schappert (20), Stefan Warg (19)

Forwards (18): Sena Acolatse (19), Tyler Alos (16), Jacob Doty (16), Mitch Elliot (16), Colin Jacobs (16), Justin Lachance (17), Luke Lockhart (17), Chance Lund (17), Lindsay Nielsen (20), Jonathan Parker (18), Prab Rai (20), Connor Sanvido (16), Mikhail Sentyurin (17), Brenden Silvester (18), Tyler Sybil (17), Branden Troock (15), Brennan Tutt (16), Charles Wells (18)


Anonymous said...

I'm sure the T-birds roster will still be in flux most of the season. I'm sure the T-birds will try and showcase DeSerres to get prime value for a team in need of a goaltender. If Jaharus proves to be a capable backup. Not to mention the T-birds might be able to get some sort of small value for Boyer, probably not much now but we certainly are going to need help putting the puck in the net this year. We might also need some toughness....Jacobs is going to become a target, and I don't see anyone outside of Acolotse that could protect him.

Anonymous said...

I would be more concerned if Jacobs was smaller. I have seen him play and he doesn't play like a 16 year old. He is a very level headed kid that makes other teams take bad penalties.

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