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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Media Coverage...

I'm really mad at myself over yesterday's "rumor" so let's just try to move on and forget about it.....

Little bit of media coverage for the Tbirds before the season opener tomorrow night at ShoWare Center.

Tbirds announce Lindsay Nielsen as team's captain for the 2009-10 season. This really isn't a surprise as Nielsen is known for his excellent work ethic and the example he sets for all players on the team. I could not think of a better captain for this team than Lindsey Nielsen... whether that translates into wins... we'll see.

Jim Riley has his season preview over at the times and you can find that here.

Kent Reporter posted their season opener preview today. The Reporter really needs an official blogger for their website... wink... wink... hint... nod... ok, nevermind. You can find that here.

Mentioned in that article is the "party on the plaza" tomorrow and Saturday for the first two games where you can get food, beer and music before the game... which is awesome.

I've been out of town a lot the last 10 days... so I haven't had a chance to comment on this but I don't really care for the new jerseys. I think they are ok... but that little off-color swatch behind the laces really bugs me.... and I'm sorry Kent.... I'm really sorry to say this... but... "power laces" wow that is a dumb idea and they are ugly as sin. I really hope by "worn on special occasions" they mean opening night and then Jason Berger will be seen burning them out by the dumpster on Saturday morning.

Sumner was on KJR today with Ian Furness and he was on NWCN on Tuesday.

Also while I was gone the WHL clarified some of the new rules on fighting. I HATE these new rules. It would be easy to fire off some sentences here but I'm going to wait until next week to write up an article so I'll save it.

See you all tomorrow... should be a fun weekend, W's or not.


Trevor's Dad said...

I don't mind the uniforms. Have you seen the Plymouth Whalers uniforms? They used to share the same jersey as Seattle, well no more:

I think those are hideous.

Looking forward to tomorrow night. Who do you think gets the start in goal? My son just about had a fit when I told him it looked like Jacob was going to be traded.

Nikan said...

Hiya -
Could you post a link to the new clarifications you found or post about what's bugging you?

I'd love to see what you heard.

Anonymous said...

I think the lace is fine. The neon green is now an accent color for the Seahawks, the ShoWare Center and main color for the Sounders. I guess we could have had the T-Bird logo green gone neon or even the entire jersey neon like the Sounders, instead we have the "Power Lace". From what I hear we might need that power this year.

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