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I have reason to believe that Jeremy Schappert and Jacob DeSerres have been traded to Brandon. I am assuming we will hear details of the trade in the morning. I could be getting completely misled about this but I believe it to be true.

Details in the morning....


Anonymous said...

I think we all could see the DeSerres deal coming. If in fact a trade was made I expect this deal to be significant for the Birds. Especially considering Schappert is a very solid D man as well. Both of these players are future NHL prospects.

Anonymous said...

Having to watch Schappert is one of the most painful experiences in my life. Everyone in Major Junior is a future NHL prospect. Schappert seems destined for the Canadian college leagues.

Anonymous said...

This is one trade rumor I can see being true. Brandon is hosting the Memorial Cup and needs a solid goalie.

I'm crossing my fingers that your source is correct!

Any news on the Boyer front?

Anonymous said...

Just for FYI if you play in the Dub you can't play college, he will play somewhere the ECHL, CHL..lots of places for his talent

Anonymous said...

9:55 - please note i said Canadian college leagues (CIS) where he is eligible to play based and receives scholarship money for playing in the WHL. Plenty of ex-Birds have gone on to play there.

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