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Hockey Challenge 2014

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I guess I can't avoid it any longer...

I've been totally avoiding this all day (and last night) but I suppose it is time to get some of these thoughts out and see what you guys think. Lots of questions and very few answers.

I'll just put this out there... It's going to be a long year Tbird fans. I try to be optimistic, I really do... but there just aren't any reasons to be optimistic right now. This team can't score. We knew this might be a problem at the beginning of the year and the hope was that the Power Play might help offset some offensive issues and maybe they can continue to improve the PP and that might still come true.... but right now it's really hard to see that happening.

Why does this team appear to be such poor passers? Is it a lack of skill or a lack of concentration? or more likely a combination of both.

Defensively... Seattle isn't horrible, but they aren't very good either and they make a couple of mistakes (at least) per game that on most occasions will wind up with a puck in their own net. Chilliwack isn't good people. They may not be the worse team in the league, but they aren't good and they pretty well handled us last night... at home.

Through 4 games the Tbirds have been in ZERO fights and they are 1-3. My question is... why?

2200 fans at the game last night... I'm not here to sugar coat it, that's not good, that's bad. Again, why? What am I missing here? Why are the fine citizens of Kent not taking to this time more? You can't say it is because they are bad because the casual fan had no idea what this team would look like before the season started. Is it ticket prices? Is it lack of advertising? What? I'm so confused... and a little frustrated.

Seattle is in Portland tonight and I fully expect Portland to blast them. The Winterhawks played the Ams tough last night in Tri City and had the game tied with a little over 6 minutes to play. Seattle needs something good to happen and it needs to happen pretty quickly. Remember that last year's team got off to a 2-8 start but they mentally always had the advantage of knowing that they had 29 home games in the 2nd half of the season. This team doesn't have that crutch to lean on.

They need to get it going in a hurry or this thing could start to get away from them quickly.


Kodi said...

You thought writing this game review was tough, god help you with the Portland game review.

Anonymous said...

A bad team in an unproven market with little or no advertising or media coverage. What's not to like?

Anonymous said...

You might be right, about a long season for your T-birds... I know something about a LONG season, i have lived through the past 3 seasons as a Winterhawk fan. One thing about the Hawks the past few years, is they tried, and fought and gave effort, I could not say that for the T-birds tonight. Your poor goalie was LEFT by himself after the Hawks made it 4- 1 midway through the 3rd period. If it was not for 2 great saves and a post shot, the score could of been 8 to 1, or worse. They seemed NOT to care, and played with little or no heart of passion. They entered the ice to start the game, right before the National Anthem was about to start. Thats bad Karma right there. Chin up Tyler, i know the pain. Keep us updated!

brian in Sherwood

MIKE said...

umm Brian... they were told to wait till your overdone ceremony with your new announcer who is more obnoxious than Everett's announcer(never thought I'd say that)was done before entering the ice. AND it was the Winterhawks who went back to their bench before the colors had left the ice while the Birds were respectful enough to wait.

The Birds (while not playing well offensively AGAIN) hung in there until the midway point of the third and then the Hawks went into overdrive and the Birds couldnt handle it. Too many breakdowns.

However this loss had nothing to do with not caring or entering the ice just before the anthem.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree and totally think we need to start thinking rebuilding year. Its time, people would start coming to games if there was something to show up for. Its time to build around players like jacobs, parker, pickard, silvester, wells and alos. I wouldn't mind them trading away prab, warg, jake, dillon and shapps. Its very annoying hating everett as much as I do but seeing them make moves and getting players that fit there needs. I love going to the games, but I can't stand watching them right now. There play is pathetic, slow and I know we have the second youngest team in the whl, but its just plain horrible. If I have to watch lockhart skate one more time, I'm going to get sick. He has no control, I said that all last year and I see no improvement what so ever. I know its still very early, but its time to rebuild and get what u can for what you have. I would especially like to see rai move on and help a team to the memoral cup, its so pathetic watching him play for us, there really isn't a point. He deserves to move on and play for and help a winner. Time to rebuild boys.

Anonymous said...

Warg us a - 5 last night.

brian in Sherwood

Anonymous said...

I like the young core group, i don't agree with the i don't care comment though. I saw Muth, Jacobs and Doty not backing down and engaging all night long.

I thought that the first 2 periods was their most competitive periods this year.

I see progress in some areas and I tip my hat to the 16's- they are facing a lot adversity and getting better every weekend.

Anonymous said...

We live in Kent and I haven't seen any local marketing except a booth at Cornucopia Days. I don't know if they do anything in the schools, but it doesn't look like it based on the crowd make up. Seems like as a minimum they could give a few hundred tickets away to high school kids every game.

Anonymous said...

The Winterhawks have a good team this year and the attendance for the home opener was just over 4000... And Sunday's game was under 2000..... The attendence bug has been hitting every team so far this year.... So why is our's such a big deal to everybody else?

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