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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Quick update. I've been swamped at work in the past week and haven't really had time to write anything. I thought the Tbirds showed a good "compete" level over the weekend even though the results only yielded a single point. I will just consider this my one week vacation during the season and I will be back in full force next week after 3 more games this weekend. In the meantime, please consider donating to the RMH in my name for the Hockey Challenge. We are about one month away and I believe I am slightly behind my pace from last season. Thank you to everyone who has already contributed.

I wanted to take this opportunity to beg and grovel to all Thunderbird fans to click on the Hockey Challenge banner at the top of the page and donate to the Ronald McDonald House.

This will be my 4th year raising money for the House and my goal this year is to raise $1500 and try to convince someone that I'm enough famous enough to get into the Celebrity Game (ha).

Jokes aside... please donate to the RMH and to the Hockey Challenge by clicking on the banner above and referencing my name and team (Tyler Hunnex, Team IEB).

I will try not to be too annoying about this but I will remind everyone several times before the weekend of the Challenge.


Carol said...


Nikan said...

Tyler actually has a goal in the big celebrity game. As soon as the paycheck arrives I'm sending some sponsor money his way.

This time we want two goals!

Anonymous said...

only 4500 people on a Saturday night home game against the Winterhawks? any white or red flags?

brian in sherwood

Anonymous said...

Perhaps it is a reflection on the team. More likely, the fact that the Patriots/Broncos game stole the stage tonight. It was projected to be one of the highest rated playoff games in NFL history.

Anonymous said...

That game was over by half time, its not like it was Super Bowl Sunday. Face off was at 7. The T-Birds fans need to be there. i would understand the small attendence a little bit if the Seahawks were playing in the playoffs....

Brian in Sherwood

Anonymous said...

What exactly is Portland's excuse for sub 3000 crowds this year? It amazes me that we draw you 10,000 against our lowly punching bad of a team. But have had sub 2500 fans against Tri-Cities, Kamloops, Moose Jaw some good teams... For as bad as this team has been the past 3 some years the fact that we consistantly put in 35-4500 a game is a feat. The Hawks could have put anything in net Saturday and shut us out.

Nikan said...

Made my donation tonight.
Good Luck Tyler. Hope you make the big game.

Anonymous said...

Big win for Seattle, that with a Prince George loss, gives Seattle some breathing room!

Anonymous said...

Not sure it gives Seattle any "breathing room". Everett is now just a point behind PG and Victoria won last night as well. The reality is we didn't gain anything. We really held the status quo. Everett has been creeping up on us during our annual January swoon.

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