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Quiet Day for Seattle

No trades so far for the Thunderbirds. We may wind up seeing a very quiet trade deadline.

One point of clarification.

Let's suppose that nothing happens here (which is looks like is very possible). If Seattle winds up doing absolutely nothing and making no trades at the deadline I will be disappointed. However, let's be just a little bit sane here by saying that nothing happening doesn't mean that Russ Farwell wasn't "trying" or didn't "care" or that he is completely happy with the current roster.

Wanting to make a deal happen and speculating about what you would like to happen is a long ways away from actually making a deal happen.


If I were a GM, I would trade Burke Gallimore and Marcel Noebels. Here is how that conversation might actually be happening though.

Secretary: Mr. Farwell, you have Alan Miller on line 2.

Farwell: Alan, how are you? We heard you might be looking to upgrade your 20 year old situation. I'll give you Gallimore and I only want a 3rd rounder for him.
Millar: Russ... thanks but I got James Henry for a 2nd and a 3rd. I think we're set.
Farwell: How about Noebels or Verdino or Machacek?
Millar: Sorry Russ I think my phone is losing reception... can't hear you... I'll have to call you back....

Other teams have to also want what we have and it's possible they just don't want the players we have.


Anonymous said...

You are right on. The fact is we have no idea what conversations are being held behind closed doors. I am sure there are players Russ would be ok letting go, but he would want SOMETHING in return - if there are even buyers....trades are always a two way deal and sometimes you just don't come to terms. Calvin is a great example. There is a price for Calvin, no question, if no one is willing to pay it, he stays. 30 minutes and counting.

Kodi said...

Don't forget, the last couple of years we had trades that weren't announced until around 3:00PM an hour after the deadline.

I wouldn't be surprised to see something show up after the 2:00pm hour.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone tried contacting the T-Birds offices? Maybe the phones don't work. Why else would be there no deals? I understand there needs to be two sides to a deal, but on some of these players, I can't imagine the price would be much more than a couple sticks and a puck. Addition by subtraction.

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