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Seattle in Everett Tonight

I'm headed back up to Everett tonight looking for a personal record 2 game Everett road game winning streak. Hopefully the trade rumors circulating recently about Calvin Pickard and Luke Lockhart won't actually affect their play or anyone else on the team. I personally would be very surprised to see either Pickard or Lockhart traded. Seattle is looking like a decent bet to finish 6th in the conference and I have a feeling that GM Russ Farwell is going to want to keep Pickard around for a playoff attempt after several years of team struggle. (Btw, he did not tell me that specifically... I'm just speculating)

I'd actually be more shocked to see Lockhart traded as he is one of the hardest working players and one of the most responsible defensive forwards that the Tbirds have on the roster.  Getting a 17 year old Forward, Defensemen, Goaltender and a 1st round Bantam pick would be a pretty good haul for the Tbirds... but I just don't really envision that happening.

Don't forget that the Tbirds are also playing the Tri-City Americans on Root Sports on Friday night.

I've been having some laptop issues at home lately but if I can get those resolved, I'm going to try to run the first live chat of the season.  So come one, come all... and we'll chat about the game as it happens on Friday night.


Anonymous said...

This time of the year is hard on most players with trade rumours circulating daily. I don't think Seattle will be to invovled at trade deadline. Team seems to get along & truthfully they aren't going to improve enough to be a true playoff contender past the first round anyway. Lets hope they continue to improve their team play & get everyone healthy for the balance of the season & into the playoffs.

Anonymous said...

That was depressing. Just once I'd like to see a T-Bird team with the killer instinct. Instead we get the group of guys yelling "spank me, spank spank me" attitude. Ugly.

Anonymous said...

Brutal. Where to start? I'd say the PP/PK
But my mother said, if I don't have any nice to I will stop now.

Anonymous said...

Seattle WILL be involved at the trade deadline if they can find someone to take the dead weight off their hands. Too many passengers on the bus not doing their part.

Anonymous said...

What a pathetic game last night! Where was the energy, the heart and soul? I watched on the WHL online network and thought they could give a better performance than that last night!Especially since they got some bodies back from injury. I was encouraged after the break but now a 2 game losing streak and oh yeah, Tri City in Tri Friday night. I hope they don't embarass themselves on Root sports.

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