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Pickard Traded?

UPDATE: Just exchanged notes with General Manager Russ Farwell who can confirm that there is absolutely no truth to the rumor on this deal.

Hope everyone is having a Happy New Year. 2012 has greeted us with some serious rumors that began circulating late last night and into this morning that Seattle has traded Calvin Pickard to the Brandon Wheatkings in exchange for 17 year old players Tyrel Seaman, Dylan Kuczek, Curtis Honey (Connor's twin brother) and a 1st round bantam pick in the upcoming draft.

Seattle would also receive a 3rd round pick and send a 2nd round pick back to Brandon.

There is also a rumor that Luke Lockhart has been traded to Victoria for an unknown package.

If these trades actually become official I will have some thoughts on them. For now, we will wait to hear the details.

These rumors are coming from three Twitter accounts.... speculate as you will.!/rossmaclean!/kellyfriesen!/JMcCarthyFC


Anonymous said...

I saw it on WHL Board as well. Thanks for getting an answer. We all know rumors are crazy this time of year, my bet is there will be a lot more between now and next week. So until it comes through from the TBirds I won't being giving it much credit.

stbird said...

Brendan Dillon called up by the Dallas Stars, since Sheldon Souray is place on IR.

Anonymous said...

If it does end up being true:

We could market the Honeys like the Sedins (as long as you don't mention that the other one is a goalie.)

Calvin would play out with Brandon but then end up in the Q next year and win the Memorial Cup with a maritime team. That path has been established already.

Marty Claus in Victoria would have the perfect elf companion in Lockhart.

Anonymous said...


These rumors had to come from somewhere...Obviously Russ denied them, but it is possible he is working on a deal. If the reported deal went through, how would you feel about it?

Thunnex said...

There are two very clear sides to the argument and I think both have valid angles.

On a personal level, I would really hate to see Pickard traded. It has been a pleasure watching him play net for the Tbirds for the last several seasons and I'd love to see him break some franchise records and get one last crack at the playoffs.

The timing of the trade would seem a bit strange and also understandable.

Strange in the sense that if Farwell was going to trade Pickard it probably should have been last season when his value would have been higher and you weren't going to make the playoffs. You kept him with the thought that you would make the playoffs this year and that appears to be true.

On the other hand. Seattle looks like a pretty good bet to make the playoffs but they do not look anywhere close to a contender. Trading Pickard now would help get some pieces for the next few seasons that might finally help the Tbirds get over the top. I think there is a very strong argument to be made that Seattle would be better off getting value for Pickard now and hoping for the best for future seasons.... I know I know. I get tired of the "wait til next year" mantra as much as anyone but I'm not seeing this team making a big run this season.

Anonymous said...

Stranger things have happened in the playoffs (not that I am saying we should count on those things happening.)

Vancouver has been hanging around that 3rd spot and Seattle is in 6th. The season series so far has shown that it's possible to win that series or at least take it the distance. After that, you would likely end up facing a powerful Tri-City team but again, who knows what will happen.

Not saying that this should be used as a reason not to trade players but I don't think the playoffs would be a 4 and out situation if we kept everyone.

How bad is this team next year if we keep Picks and Lock and make the playoffs? I think having two extra home games after the season would quiet some of the critics.

stbird said...

Do you think that Pickard is for sure not coming back for next year? Just an honest question. Personally I don't think that he is for sure gone. I know everyone keeps saying that he wont, but I just dont know. If he does end up staying for his overage year that would be reason number one to keep him here.

Anonymous said...

Pickard is a signed, drafted player. Very, very rare that they come back for their 20 yr old season. I'd say the chances he is back here next seaon are two; slim and none. And that rumored trade was actually good value in return for a player who only has 3 months left in the WHL. 3 good 17 yr olds and a #1 drft pick; that trade would favor the T-birds long term.
Also I'd expect the top 4 teams in the West to make some move at the trade deadline. That will make them that much tougher to beat come playoff time and Seattle could also end up facing Tri in the 1st round, or even Portland, two teams they can't beat.

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