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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Verdino and Aschim

UPDATE - Dillon Wagner it is. Seattle has claimed Wagner off waivers from Portland and he will join the team immediately.  The Tbirds really need a defender but they will take what they can get for now and let Coach K figure it out from here.

Kyle Verdino and Sean Aschim are both no longer with the team.

It sounds like Verdino has a health related issue and Aschim was simply looking for more playing time and wasn't going to get it with the upcoming return of Brendan Rouse.

That leaves Seattle with only two 20 year old players and there probably aren't very many options out there with the passing of the trade deadline.  Kelowna just released Kevin Smith who could be a possibility and Portland just released Dillon Wagner.


Anonymous said...

Maybe they could convince Wells to come back. *crosses fingers*

Anonymous said...

Wagner would be within reach to get a good look at.

Anonymous said...

Wagner is now a T-Bird.

Anonymous said...

I never played hockey, so I miss some of the nuances, but it seems to me that the team needs a defensive oriented forward more than they need another d man. Maybe Swenson and Wagner will show the rest of the team how to improve their plus minus stats

Anonymous said...

Ugh lets hope Wells never comes back. That little weasel was annoying.

Anonymous said...

Man that sucks about Aschim. It's a good thing Rouse is back soon.

Anonymous said...

The forwards as a whole don't play defense well enough. The defenders on this team are not great, but they get too much blame for the shots on goal. Often times you will see both dmen tied up with forwards only to have the puck passed to an open forward in front of the net. Too many quality scoring chances are given up this way IMO. I hope the new players will help with that.

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