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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Game One, Game Day

Based on last nights opening day results, we now know what not to do against Portland.
That would be to stay out of the box.

Last night, in Portland, the Winterhawks went 5 for 8 on the powerplay.

The Thunderbirds Foundation has guaranteed the 50-50 to be at least $2000.  That is a nice sum of money to be winning.  In 21 years of watching this team, I have NEVER won anything, so I don't bother buying tickets for it at all.  But with amounts like that, I might have to start again.

Hope to see a lot of you tonight.


Anonymous said...

What a great game by the boys last night. Their effort paid off. Big win, big start to the season. So much improvement in one week.
I did wonder if the refs were watching Barzal a little close. Ticky tacky hook call IMO.
I'd say yes...they were READY! :-)

Anonymous said...

Great game by everyone. Douglas took a few lumps in the first and Sheen had WAY too many chances alone in front of the net to not score, but all in all it was a fantastic game. If either Swenson or Sheen had been on offensively last night, I don't think Portland would have walked away with even a single point.
Also, I have been very critical of Myles for a while but he played one hell of a game last night. Can't wait for the next one.

Kodi said...

I wish Boris would swallow his whistle on the face-offs. He doesn't need to call for a new face-off or kick someone out of the circle every single time (I'm still trying to figure out if Barzal ever had a chance to take a face-off).

It was a fun game to watch but I'll wait for a larger sample before I'm ready to discuss the team.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jon - the point of the 50/50 is not for YOU to get rich, it is to raise money for the scholarship fund! Going to games and being a fan for 21 should know that!!

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