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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Seattle Claims Erik Benoit

Announced on twitter just a moment ago:

This will help Seattle immediately with Mitch Elliot still at AHL camp and also helps give the Tbirds some much needed help up the middle. This of course assumes that he actually can play up the middle. He's listed on the WHL website and Elite Prospects as a LW. We'll have to wait and see.

Benoit played half of his season in Kootenay last year and the last half in Saskatoon and made a trip to the Memorial Cup with the Blades.

In 64 total games he posted 12 goals and 24 assists with a + 3 rating.

In 4 games in the Memorial Cup he finished with 2 assists.

EDIT: He also played in the 2011 Memorial Cup with Kootenay and had a goal in 5 games. So they're getting a guy with a lot of big time experience.

This isn't a high impact move... but I like it... it's a good move to help an area that needed help.


Kodi said...

Personally I see this as an upgrade anyway

Erik Benoit
3 years 183 games 30 goals and 45 assists

Mitch Elliot
4 years 263 games 10 goals and 16 assists

Anonymous said...

Definitely a move in the right direction for those of us who didn't see Elliot's role as a necessary one. We can only hope that Benoit can bring more of his production that he is capable of (nice assist numbers) doesn't turn out to be the next Kambeitz situation where an O/A comes in and doesn't give us any real boost.

So is this guy a Ben-wha or a Ben-oyt?

Unknown said...

On the bright side with only 76 career PIMs it doesn't seem like he would be a hot head and get stupid penalties.

Anonymous said...

I realize this is a moot point, but for anon 8:13, I just want to say that I really liked Kambeitz. Thought he was huge down the stretch because he allowed Lockhart to have a rest now and then. And Luke really played well after Kambeitz got here so I think that correlation was for real.
Also, Benoit, Welcome. My question is, how will we handle it when Elliot comes back? Who stays?

Kodi said...

Well since Elliot is a 20 there are a couple things that could happen:

1. Stay with the AHL team
2. Be assigned to ECHL team
3. Sent to Seattle

Now if Jesse is out for an extended period of time and Elliot is sent to Seattle then they play the 3 forwards. If Jesse gets back then I would assume they keep the two best performers.

Anonymous said...

As far as who stays and who goes, remember Russ gave up nothing to get Benoit. The team is looking at probably at least another without Elliot so why not pick Benoit up just in case Elliot does not come back.

For those of you like Ana 8:13 who "didn't see Elliot's role as a necessary one" I just wonder if you were at Saturday's game. That was exactly the kind of game you need a player like Elliot. And I am not talking about going around beating people up, I am talking about being a big body that makes the other team think twice.

Either way, welcome to Benoit and good luck to Elliot and may the hockey odds be ever in your favor.

Mr Tell13 said...

Well as one that does not see Elliot that usefull (lets say expendable) on this team right now, i'll answer.

I was at the game (as you probably were) and I will ask you this: what difference would the presence of Elliot made?
-defend teammate? Hickman did that. (I would aslo argue that Elliot would not be efficient in defending a guy like Barzal from the bench)
- fight the hitting guy on the other team? Wardley did that

- take penalties ? collective succes

Look, if you think Elliot's presence would of made any difference to the results, more power to you. But I do not think it is a reality based analysis. If that were the case, the tbirds would of been able to win the memorial cup with Doty and elliot in the lineup.

They got outworked and outshot. It happens.
Now I hope they will be ready for the start of the season.

Unknown said...

I heard Kono's interview on the the Fan 1090 and it sounded like they think Elliot will stay in Utica.

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