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Hockey Challenge 2014

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TBirds on Shaw TV

The WHL broadcasts on Shaw television schedule was just released.
Seattle will appear on it only once.
It happens to be a week from Wednesday, September 25th, in Vancouver.
Not surprising since it is a Canada broadcast, and only originate games from Canada.

And, Seattle can't feel sad about only appearing once, since Everett, Tri City, and Spokane are also on their once.  Portland did get two games.

Now the funny thing comes in there press release about it

"On the following Wednesday, September 25, the WHL on SHAW will feature the Seattle Thunderbirds visiting the Vancouver Giants where the first overall WHL Bantam Draft Pick from 2012, Mathew Barzal, will make his WHL regular season debut as a member of the Thunderbirds."

So, I guess that means Barzal will be a scratch on Saturday at home in the Show.


Kevin said...

"So, I guess that means Barzal will be a scratch on Saturday at home in the Show."

thanks for spoiling it for us

Anonymous said...

Actually, I find it very surprising. I've heard a lot of the BC and Central teams talking about how excited they are to see Seattle come through town so they can see Barzal. You'd think they league would want to showcase him more. Maybe they are waiting for next year like everyone else?

Anonymous said...

Also, they've shown they will go to the States if it is warranted. Remember the Friday and Sunday they were at the ShoWare Center during its opening season? One was a huge win vs Lethbridge and then another victory vs the Giants.

Anonymous said...

Will Root Sports pick up the game? It would go a long way to marketing the club in the Seattle area. The T Birds need to piggy back off of the NHL talk that was happening in regards to the Coyotes to Seattle situation . I am not saying market it as if the T Birds are a NHL calber type of team, but market it as" Hey Seattle we have Hockey...." The Showare holds 6,125, that arena in this market should be filled every night moving forward. I know that the team has been below average of late, but moving forward... let's hope this team catches some what of a fire and the team markets it accordingly.Filling it up will alos show a potential NHL owner that there is a interest in hockey in the puget sound area.

Anonymous said...

Root will be doing their usual WHL Friday nights in the second half of the season, I've heard Seattle will get at least one home game broadcasted during that stretch.

Anonymous said...

Sorry.. Just have to pause a minute and smile at the fact that Anonymous 7:56 tried to type the word 'also' and it came out as 'Alos'.. whereas there have been about 100 instances where autocorrect gave us 'Tyler Also' and refused to let us fix it. Haha

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