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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Off to Vancouver

4 of us are headed up to the game tonight in Vancouver.
Unfortunately for Tyler, he is not one of them.
I will have my thoughts tomorrow morning on the first road game of the year.

In other news, last night, Tri Cities beat Portland 6-2.  Sunday night, Prince George beat Tri Cities 2-1.  Friday night, Portland beat PG 9-2.  So now I am really confused over who is better then the next.
Why do I mention this, well, Tri and Portland are Seattle's next two opponents after tonight.


Kodi said...

For those weird people that don't have twitter, Shea has been reassigned to Seattle.

Anonymous said...

Heck of a game last night, things are looking up for this team! Ticket sales for the game Friday look really weak, hopefully a big walk up crowd.

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