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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Radio interview with Coach K - Starting goaltender revealed

Ian Furness from KJR-AM 950 in Seattle recorded a 13 minute interview with coach yesterday.
The podcast is up at this link

Talks about all parts of the game, forwards, defense, goaltending, Elliot, Barzal, Theodore.

Great listen.


Anonymous said...

So it sounds to me like as long as Myles and Mumaugh don't completely stink it up, Fordyce is going to go away. Or they are going to make a trade involving a goaltender.

Anonymous said...

I noticed that Barzal wasn't out there for the third period in that game at the show, but WOW, I have never seen a simple benching get so much media attention before. In a way that is a better testament to the hype than anything. On a different note, God help us in goal! We might win games in the regular season with inexperienced, average goaltending, but I see a first round playoff exit in our future if we don't plug that leaky hole before the deadline. Go Birds!

Unknown said...

Who's to say that the goalies won't get better as the season wears on? Glover wasn't particularly good in the regular season last year and really stepped it up in the playoffs.

Anonymous said...

The perception that giving up 4 goals in a preseason game is all the goalie's fault is simply misguided. 3 of the top d-men were absent. Look at the # of shots allowed...that is not on the goalie, that is mostly on the five players in front of him. The T-birds gave up an average of 40 shots a game in the preseason. Not good. Plus, how many of those goals were PP goals? That too is not the goalies fault. Stay out of the penalty box.

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