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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Thoughts on Saturdays game

Seattle is still on pace for a 99-0 record this season.

I didn't take many notes, because I had my children with me, and also see the very bottom of this post for the other reason.

The few things I remember

Wardly and Douglas were very, very, very physical.  And a lot of times, too physical.
Assistant Coach O'Dette had to grab Wardly on the bench and pull him back once when there was a scrum right in front of it.
I thought playing this style really took them out of their game.

This game was a lot more chippy game then Friday's.  It was almost like these teams wanted to combine for 120 PM and 5 fights in a game.  Oh wait, that is what they did last season on December 10th.
I thought Seattle played a good 1st period of the game, but the the wheels came off in the second.
Giving up 5 powerplays, running around in the zone, not working hard to clear pucks, missing assignments.
By doing all this, it turned into a shooting gallery on Devon Fordyce, facing 26 shots, and 56 overall.
I will say that about half those were from outside, which is what you want to do.  But that still leaves far too many shots that are shots from places they shouldn't come from.

The shootout was fun to watch.
I kept waiting for Jagger Williamson with his hair to come off the bench to take one, but then I had to be reminded that he was sent home already.
The highlight goal had to be Barzal's (I know, I know, get used to me saying this).
He just went straight in, not fast, but not slow.  At about equal with the faceoff dot, he dipped his shoulder just a bit to fake a shot, then next thing you know, the puck is in the upper corner.

The one major thing I took from this game is that the team didn't play a good game at all, yet still found a way to come back and force ot and win.
The past few years, I don't think Seattle does that.

I am going to put this in just to put it in.

Watch out over the next couple years for Matthew Phillips of the Royals.
They listed him at 5'6, 130.  I might give you the 130 part, but the 5'6 might have been on his skates.
He was easily the best 15 year old playing in the entire tournament for any team.
He is afraid of nothing, forchecks hard, hits people, has a very good pass, and an even better shot.
An example of his hard work.  Puck, goes into the corner, and he goes in to get it against Jared Hauf.
They list Hauf at 6'5 227.  So that means Phillips gives up 11 inches, and 97 pounds.  Yet guess who came out with the puck.
I could list other examples of this kid doing things like that, but this is a Thunderbird blog.

A Big Thanks

Lastly, during the second period, Victoria Royals play by play guy (Marlon Martens) was nice enough to let me join him in his broadcast booth and do color commentary with him.
twitter: @VoiceVicRoyals

I did this last season both times Victoria was in Seattle, and also once when Victoria was in Everett.  I really enjoyed the practice and the chance to do it again.  Hopefully, you can all go listen to the archive and hear me give a huge shout-out to all the followers on this blog, and to Tyler, that was parked in the middle of a University of Washington parking lot partaking in something they refer to as tailgating.  Sadly (well, not really sadly), it was just a mock broadcast so that Marlon could get back in to the flow of things, so their is no archive audio of the game at all.  So you guys will just have to take my word on it/

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