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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Attempt at a stat from Friday nights game

I have always wanted to look at the flow of a game, based on man situations.
How much time is actually spent playing even strength, penalty kill, etc.
So I have been trying to come up with a computer way of doing it from a scoresheet.
So last night, I tracked it by hand.
Showing it graphically is a little difficult, but this is my first pass at it.

There are 16 unique man situations that can take place.  Of course there is even strength, then each team can be up one man up, each team can be 2 men up, and lastly each team can technically be 3 men up.

In the following graphs, the home team is on the top, followed by even strength, followed by the away team.  The grey is the situation.  Last nights game was not exactly the best game, because there was only one power play goal scored.

Period 1
Both teams with 2 powerplays, and even a little 4 on 4 action.

Period 2
Everett dominated play, and had 3 powerplays.  You can see they scored on the first, about half way through it.  But the last one was very short, as they took one.  Overall, the bulk of the period was played even strength, and the fact Seattle got dominated means they lost a lot of battles.

Period 3
Boring for the stat work.  Very even period as far as play goes.  Ended with Seattle taking a penalty and ending up down two men, but didn't give up the tying goal.

In conclusion, not exactly the best game to show this from.  I will do it again tonight just to see how it looks.  I really want to do it for the last Portland game when there were a lot of penalties and not much even strength play.


Anonymous said...

I like this graphic. There are definitely some games where it seems there is not a lot of even strength play and your graph would make it easy to show. A bit of work I'm sure but nice job.

Anonymous said...

I'd love evidence of there ever being a 6x6 situation lol

Good stuff on the info and the graphs, though.

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