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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Seattle vs. Tri-City - Game Thread

Last game before the break. Seattle is down a handful of players and have called up Lane Pederson to help out tonight. They will still dress two short of the maximum. 

Can they head into the break with some momentum?


Anonymous said...

Good win by the Birds. I will say, I'm a bit surprised that Seattle hung up five goals without Lipsbergs and Barzal in the lineup.

Anonymous said...

Glad they were able to pull this one out. They looked tired and ready for a break.

Troock has apparently been eating his Wheaties lately. Holy cow!

Anonymous said...

Tyler, Will there be a first half wrap up from you and Jon?

Thunnex said...

Yeah... we're working on a few things.

Anonymous said...

Greg Drinnan has some attendance stats. Everyone in the league is down except for Portland. Birds are 9th in western conference and last in US division

Anonymous said...

This is a change a good change for play. As for comment.

Anonymous said...

The lack of coverage in the Times doesn't bother me. What does bother me is a near complete lack of advertising.

Anonymous said...

It's probably an ROI thing.

I wonder if the Silvertips have shown any tangible increase from the 1/4 page ads they run in the Times or the old 1/2 page "Meet the Silvertips" features they used to buy.

I just don't see that many people being swayed by an ad. You are either a hockey fan and are already are of the TBirds or you are going because a friend invited you or gave you tickets. Print or video ads just don't seem that convincing.

If anything, they should save some of that advertising money and buy airtime to show live games. Those are way better advertisements, especially when the team is exciting and winning.

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