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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Seattle vs Kamloops - Game Thread

Happy New Years eve to all.
This game could be an interesting one, since Kamloops is struggling mighty.
They have lost 4 straight games and 17 of their last 20.


Unknown said...

I hope everyone had a good new years celebration last night.

I thought the team came out and played a pretty good first period. They gave up a flukie goal and had a lapse on the PP that lead to a SH goal, but overall I thought they were a lot better than Kamloops in the first. They didn't play very well in the second and third. I'm not sure what game the refs were watching after the first, but it wasn't the same one I was watching. Did I miss something on the Wardley hit? I sit in 104 so I have a pretty good view and it looked like Wardley slowed up and hit the guy in the body. I don't know how you get a 5 minute major when you are clearly slowing down.

I know coach K said after the game that is isn't because they are short handed, but really this is the 3rd game in 5 nights where you are dressing less than 12 forwards. That's got to start taking a toll. This is a team that was rolling 4 lines most of the year through period 1 and 2. Basically having only 3 lines in a game has to be a big change. I hope they have Eansor back for the road trip, that guy is a spark plug. I hope the injury report is right with the other guys and they can get Yak back in a week and Honey back during the road trip. I'm not sure when the U17 tournament is over, but it will be nice to get Barzal, Kolesar, and Bear back.

Anonymous said...

Great atmosphere last night and energy...... Until the puck drop. Not a good marketing night for the birds in front of a sell out crowd, hopefully we get everyone back soon from injury so that we can roll all 4 lines again. I am concerned about Troock and Delnov play of late, they seem out of sorts. There line with Gropp was going so well and now it has kind of disappeared. Coach k was all over Troock on the bench last night.

Anonymous said...

Barzal is not at the U-17 tournament. He is out with injury. Listed as day to day. I heard he is out until at least the games in PG, maybe longer.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Coach K was all over Troock, it was probably Delov. He has been struggling since he has come back. It just seemed to be one of those games, just to back it was with the biggest crowd they have had all year. Every team has them. Look at Everrit they lost both games to Victoria. Still a great season so the Birds so far. Good luck in 2014 to the Birds. GO BIRDS!!,

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