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What does Delnov have to do?

Yesterday, tte WHL announced Prince Albert Raiders’ forward Leon Draisaitl is the Denny’s WHL Player of the Week for last week.

I will admit, he had an impressive couple games, scoring 4 goals and adding 3 assists for seven point in those 2 games.  He was also a combined +3.  The Raiders won both of those games.

But what about Delnov.

He played in 3 games in 3 nights.  He had 4 goals, 4 assists, for 8 points, and was a combined +5.  And Seattle won all those games.

On top of that, he also played for Team Russia in the Super Series on Tuesday, where he had one assist and was a +1. Oh yeah, and he had to travel back and forth to Red Deer.

So really, he played 4 games, had 4 goals, 5 assists, 9 points, and a combined +6, and traveled roughly 1000 miles (straight line calculation).


stbird said...

WHL dosent like russians.

Anonymous said...

Anyone care to take a shot at overagers next season?

Kodi said...

WAY too early to be guessing overagers for next season. Waiting until after the trade deadline is more realistic because we could trade some 19's, obtain more, or replace some that are on the current roster.

If you were going off the current roster though there are certain assumptions you can make to shrink down the pool.

Currently there are nine 19's



I would think it's safe to assume the following:
Delnov and Lipsbergs will not be back as it's rare for a team to hold on to an overage Euro as it takes up two slots (Euro and Overage)

Troock (if signed) will likely be playing in the AHL.

That leaves 6. If Honey can't stay healthy I would assume you would want to get rid of him as it would be safer bet.

So with the 5 remaining it now becomes a crap shoot because Russ seems to make trades on what he can get in return instead of what might be best for the current team (aka Forsberg)

If it was me I would like to see us keep the shutdown line intact if it continues to play the way it has been

So that means

I would also like us to keep a defender
I am going to go with keeping Wardley here as he has a higher + and give the team a bit ore toughness.

Anonymous said...

Hickman is the captain. I'm guessing it's a good bet he's back next season. If Honey is healthy I'd keep him.

Anonymous said...

Delnov got the shaft, plain and simple.

Also, I think its likely a given that he won't be back next year; likely ending up back in Russia or with the Panthers farm system. But I'm not too sure it would shock me to see Lipsbergs back, if he again goes undrafted by an NHL team this summer. I just feel he's too valuable to this team to let go even if he's taking both an OA and an import spot, particularly if Delnov is gone.

Anonymous said...

I think you could make a pretty good case that the Birds will let both Wardley and Henry walk next season. The D would be:

Theodore, Hauf, Smith, Bear, Fabbro (hopefully), Osterman. I'd be pretty comfortable with that top six.

After that, who knows, Hickman is the captain so I also expect he'll be back, I think you have to keep Honey if he's healthy. Going to be very young at forward next season.

Anonymous said...

I kinda wonder if Theodore will be back. Anaheim held on to him longer than I figured they would at the start of their season, and I'm not all that familiar with the state of their blue line.

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