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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Seattle at Spokane - Game Thread

Seattle visits Spokane tonight for the first meeting of the season and the first of three straight games against the Chiefs.

After a really nice pair of games at home, I'm expecting a bit of a tired team tonight in the 3rd game in 3 nights.


jon said...

Spokane is doing 3 in 3 too if i remember right. bad 2nd period for Hauf but good to see the team still going strong.

Anonymous said...

I don't profess to know what's gotten into the Birds, but, damn I'm impressed. 22 goals in four games, against good Spokane and Victoria teams and a great Portland team? Outstanding work recently.

Unknown said...

I managed to listen to about half of it while decorating. Sounds like they played another good game.

Anonymous said...

more importantly is only 10 goals given up.

Kodi said...

How is Delnov not the player of the week.....

5 Goals, 4 assists, +5

gocanucks said...

As long as we keep that stinking thinking aspect out of the game , then these guys are going to be just fine! Keep positive and forget the past .

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