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LetsGoBirds adds two new writers to the blog

Tyler may be taking a little time off from the blog.  The Hunnex's got a slightly late Xmas present yesterday.  And actually, I guess they really got two presents (and yes, they knew they were having two).

First, meet Joseph William, 5 lb 2 ounces.

Second meet Henry Edwards, 6 lb 2 ounces.

Ok, the two pictures are really the same, but don't all babies look the same.  Actually, Henry had a little complication and is in the NICU for a couple days, so I didn't want to post the picture.  He is making progress and doing great though.

Of course, in true Tyler fashion, he is not happy about the timing.  No, not because he will miss a couple games, but because they will have December birthday's, and that makes it incredibly difficult to get drafted in the WHL draft.


Dee Klem said...

Congrats Tyler!! Your world will never be the same. I wish you rest, patience and time to goes so fast!!

asutliff said...


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Times two! :-)

Anonymous said...

Congrats Tyler! As a father of 2 year old twin boys, all I can say is, sleep now and learn patience, you'll need both!

Debbie Pouliott said...

Congratulations Tyler! Your sons are gorgeous! Please pass on best wishes and congrats to the new Mommy!

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