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Hockey Challenge 2014

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All is quiet....

I haven't had an ounce of Tbird related material in several days.

Anyone want to speculate on how the team will do this year?

I'm still standing behind 2nd in the U.S Division and 3rd in the Western Conference.


Anonymous said...

3rd in US. Overcoming Tri and Spoke will be hard. On the other hand, we will be closer to those two than the bottom dwellers this year in Everett and Portland. 4th or 5th in the west. One of the BC teams (Chilliwack or Vancouver) will be better than expected but Kelowna will lead the pack up there.

Anonymous said...

I'd hafta say 3rd in the west. Spokompton and tri will be difficult to overcome. I think our schedule will favor us in the long run, but I also believe that it gives both tri/spo a chance to gain distance on us. I bet they each finish 10-15 pts in front of us, and we'll finish 10-20pts in front of evt and por.

Spo-1, Tri-2, Sea-3, Por-4, 5-Evt

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