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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Old Radio Signal

If anyone is curious.... and I was... what KKNW's coverage map looked like I found those as well.

KKNW had 10,000 watt during the day and only 6000 watt power at night. I'm not positive but I don't believe the station goes to nighttime power until after games would have been over. Here is what the 10,000 watt coverage looked like.


Steffen said...

AM radio stations that power up and down do so at sunrise (power up) and sunset (power down) meaning that KKNW was at their lower power numbers during T-birds broadcasts.

Steffen said...
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Thunnex said...

Steffen... great info. I just assumed they didn't power down until late night. That means the signal for games is going to be MUCH better than is was at KKNW.

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